Flea: Atoms For Peace Working on an Album

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Flea talked about the new Atoms For Peace album:

Last year, Thom Yorke’s new group Atoms for Peace hit the road for a brief American tour before playing Coachella. According to the band’s bassist Flea, the group started to work on their first album at that same time. “At the end of the tour we went into a studio for three days and just jammed – totally improvising,” says Flea. “Thom and Nigel [Godrich] have taken that stuff and done shit with it. I’ve heard little bits and pieces. I have no idea when it’s going to come out. Not real soon though.”

Flea says that many people have the wrong perception of Yorke. “People always think about him and talk about as this really cerebral artist,” he says. “Especially when we were playing together. People would go, ‘Thom is so cerebral and Flea is just an animal.’ But Thom is the type of musician who doesn’t think at all. He goes totally on feeling and intuition. Whereas I’m like, ‘You can try a G7 chord with a diminished fifth, that might be proper.’ My point is that he’s such a beautiful, natural and exciting musician. Also, his relationship with Nigel is so cool, Nigel being this organizational, producery-type guy. They’re going to have something incredible. I have complete faith in them.”

He refuses to describe the sound of the new material. “I kinda feel like it’s not really my place to talk about that stuff,” he says. “The mystery should be the mystery.” He does think they will tour again at some point. “I imagine that will probably happen,” he says. “I hope that happens. I just have a warm place in my heart and my mind and my balls for the whole fucking concept.”

As previous reported there will be an Atoms For Peace album released in the future.

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  • Tyler

    Hey guys. Any one have any indicators of what the sound will be like? I know he says he wouldn’t reveal it, but they have some songs dont they?

    I know they played together for a few shows, that’s when Lotus Flower was born if I’m not mistaken. Did they write the songs together, or was it mainly just stuff written by Thom / Nigel and performed by the band?

    Well, either way, Thom seems to take quite a bit of charge in anything he is involved in, so hopefully that is a positive on how the album will be.

    • killed/by/kyosti

      Well, the only song I know they’ve really collaborated on and played was “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”. They jammed “Follow Me Around”, but you could tell it was improvised…They even did “The Daily Mail” at one point – So none of this really says anything. Who knows!

    • I think it will be more like The Eraser.

  • James

    I want to hear this just a little bit more now.

  • killed/by/kyosti

    I’ve been wondering what happened with that…Flea seems better off without being in RHCP, don’t you think?

    • Me too! I want to hear the album he recorded with Damon Albarn as well!

      • tillbit

        I did not realize he recorded something with Damon Albarn… I would love to hear that.

      • I did not know that either.
        That’s what I love about him, he has a lot of projects, it really shows how he loves music. Either his playing with the Peppers, Atoms for Peace, even the Mars Volta I think.
        A bit off topic, but anyways… what do you think of the new RHCP album?

        • killed/by/kyosti

          I can barely listen to it…honestly…

            • killed/by/kyosti

              the new one? oh…I don’t know…it’s just seems like they’re trying too hard maybe…not sure. Mostly Anthony Kiedis. I think that’s just how he comes off naturally though, maybe..

              And trust me…I used to be a big chili peppers fan when I was younger. I’ve hot chad’s sticks and Flea’s pick to prove it. It’s just hard to listen to that sort of music for me, lately.

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