Latest Speculation on Radiohead: From Roseland Ballroom

Last week Radiohead played 2 shows at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.   At both shows was @inkybrown and she was lucky enough to meet the band on both nights.   She sent me some information from her talks with the band:

“Next year is gonna be a huge year for us. A big world tour. We’ll be back in New York. We’re working on new stuff at the moment.” An album?, a fan asked… “Possibly an album. Well, you know how we are.” Another fan mentioned how difficult it was to get tickets and Ed said they have been working out a new company and a new system to use for ticketing for the tour next year. Ed was actually about to say more but Colin started talking and sidetracked him.”

When she saw them on the second night she asked them about Chieftan Mews:

“Philip, what’s your position on Chieftan Mews?” He just shook his head. I asked, “No comment?” Philip said “No comment.” Then Colin came by and I asked him the same.  Colin became quite agitated and said  “He is disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting.  They made me sign a paper, I’m not supposed to talk about that guy.”

More info from the first night:

“I asked Thom whatever happened to Big Boots? Because it’s a holy grail to the fans. Thom started telling this story… everyone around was amazed that he just stopped signing, stood there in front of me and talked about this song for so long! Again a paraphrase, but accurate… “Big Boots? What? Oh, Big Boots! Yeah, that was written for the James Bond movie. But those guys ended up being complete assholes. It didn’t work out… We met Jack Black at a premiere last year and he had warned us never to get involved with those Bond people anyway, they are horrible to work with. We gave it to Daniel Craig though, he has it.”

Of course these are only rumors at this time, though this was also quoted by inisjj on atease.  And interestingly enough Chieftan Mews replied to @inkybrown in his last tweet.

Below is a picture of her signed set-list (click to enlarge).