Latest Speculation on Radiohead: From Roseland Ballroom

Last week Radiohead played 2 shows at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.   At both shows was @inkybrown and she was lucky enough to meet the band on both nights.   She sent me some information from her talks with the band:

“Next year is gonna be a huge year for us. A big world tour. We’ll be back in New York. We’re working on new stuff at the moment.” An album?, a fan asked… “Possibly an album. Well, you know how we are.” Another fan mentioned how difficult it was to get tickets and Ed said they have been working out a new company and a new system to use for ticketing for the tour next year. Ed was actually about to say more but Colin started talking and sidetracked him.”

When she saw them on the second night she asked them about Chieftan Mews:

“Philip, what’s your position on Chieftan Mews?” He just shook his head. I asked, “No comment?” Philip said “No comment.” Then Colin came by and I asked him the same.  Colin became quite agitated and said  “He is disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting.  They made me sign a paper, I’m not supposed to talk about that guy.”

More info from the first night:

“I asked Thom whatever happened to Big Boots? Because it’s a holy grail to the fans. Thom started telling this story… everyone around was amazed that he just stopped signing, stood there in front of me and talked about this song for so long! Again a paraphrase, but accurate… “Big Boots? What? Oh, Big Boots! Yeah, that was written for the James Bond movie. But those guys ended up being complete assholes. It didn’t work out… We met Jack Black at a premiere last year and he had warned us never to get involved with those Bond people anyway, they are horrible to work with. We gave it to Daniel Craig though, he has it.”

Of course these are only rumors at this time, though this was also quoted by inisjj on atease.  And interestingly enough Chieftan Mews replied to @inkybrown in his last tweet.

Below is a picture of her signed set-list (click to enlarge).

  • Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I’m very glad to see such great information being shared freely out there.

  • inkybrown
    Colin says: “We’re getting together this week to talk about our plans for the rest of the year. We’re having a brilliant time, so obviously we want to keep it going.”


  • deadpoets

    I know I say this every few months but I think what inky and the other fans have brought to this site on what the band said after the show just puts all the more proof that this site was all worth it and will prove to be true even with all the naysayers. Even if it is not (which it probably won’t be called TKOL2), it still will show all the clues and things we all put together of more music in the near future was correct. And there is a connection with all the trees and limbs, etc… So cheers to you Josh and everyone @ greenplastic keeping the speculation alive all this time. Time will tell very soon how true all our crazy ideas were true! I can’t wait… and I’m still holding my breath for the present tense!

    • Thanks so much for this comment! It does seem as if the band are up to something, especially with them being so quite until recently. Its been a lot of fun following everything since the album was announced. I never thought that speculation on the album would gave gotten as big as they did when I originally started the TKOL2 blog. Even though there wasn’t an actual “Part 2″, they did release Supercollider/The Butcher, 7 12″ Remix Singles, a 2-disc CD of the TKOL RMX, and one would think that Staircase and The Daily Mail would be released soon. I think the album has also brought a lot of fans together, whether it be here, twitter, atease, greenplastic, etc which I think is really cool.

  • Chris Hodge

    So no one thought to ask about Lift? WTF?

  • Stu

    I believe this to be true. Thanks for sharing.

    One question to inkybrown and any others who were there: HOW do you get to meet the band after a gig, just HOW?
    – Do you know someone who has access
    – Do you just wait around for ages knowing they will eventually let you meet them
    – etc

    Thanks in advance.

    • Bartimaeus

      On wednesday, the band came out back of the venue about an hour after the show ended and met with whatever fans waited! no such luck on thursday, though (the day I went :/ )

      • Stu

        Cheers! Great stuff.
        I guess they can’t do that kind of thing after every gig. But worth waiting around and giving it a shot.
        Thanks for the heads up.

    • inkybrown

      Actually they came out both nights. On night 1, Jonny and Ed came out about an hour after the show ended, and Colin and Thom about an hour after that. Philip came out in between those but did not greet fans. Night 2 Thom and Jonny came out about 1 hour after the show but went straight to the van and did not greet fans. About 30 minutes later Phil, Ed, and Colin came out and did greet fans although it was not planned that night. I tried to meet Atoms for Peace at the same venue last year, but Mauro was the only one who stopped. Night 1 the band didn’t even come out the stage entrance.

  • adrivit

    I don’t get why people are calling all this a troll. We were there and we heard Ed say it. We weren’t all high were we now?

    • The Butcher

      Are you serious, you personally heard Ed say that about the tour next year? How interesting. What else did any of the Radiohead members talk about?

      • adrivit

        Colin said they were working/had worked on Big Boots. I personally didn’t get to talk to Philip much, but I did hear someone talking to him about Familial and such. Also, Ed said that he’s probably not working on a solo album, he said he had kids and didn’t have time.

        • inkybrown

          Oh please tell me what Colin said as I didn’t hear his comments about Big Boots! My friend who heard him only said that Colin said they “talked about” Big Boots before the Thursday show, I didn’t hear anything about “working on” it. Did he say that? :D

  • Killed/by/ghost

    Oh and I’ve got to mention – thanks Josh for this great place. Not just for radiohead news, but for building up quite an optimistic community. It has a nice vibe here, and people seem to be contributing to discussions pretty constructively compared to…other…radiohead sites lately…thanks again and heres to the future of the TKOL PART 2 (site)!

  • Tyler

    unless they were high on both nights I highly doubt this. Why would they speak of this now? announcing a tour on one of the late night shows they’ve been on would get a lot more heads turning.

    Id don’t know, some how I just can’t believe…though I do


    • inkybrown

      They didn’t say anything on TV, probably because they are not ready to announce a tour. He was just telling some diehard fans not to worry, we will see them soon enough, is what I got out of it.

  • inkybrown

    I need to clarify that I was NOT talking to Ed when he made the comments about new music and a tour next year. But at least two different people independently told me the same information minutes later, and have corroborated this on message boards. When I sent Josh the quote I was clear to say that it was PARAPHRASED (meaning, not what Ed said verbatim), but verified by other witnesses. So, please don’t consider that Ed’s exact quote. I am just passing on the news. :)

    • inkybrown

      Here is inisjj’s quote from AtEase, he was one of the ones who told me about what Ed said and when I seemed incredulous, he insisted that his memory is spot-on. “UH, gabbed w/Ed&Phil – got precise news, info, direct from his mouth, ‘to your mates who missed the show, tell them not to worry, we will be touring soon, be back in new york (& many otherplaces)& they will see us….’ & ‘new songs’ & ‘working on a ticket method to get real fans tickets, so your mates get them, sorry to them who couldn’t get in tonight….’ – Ed

    • The Butcher

      How is it that you were able to meet and talk with the Radiohead members after the show?

  • It seems obvious that Mews is a giant joke the whole band is in on. They pretend to despise each other, etc. Which is why he was “banished to the ziggarut.”

  • Muldfeld

    Correction: apparently, Colin’s twitter account is protected, but I’m positive that the only reason I started following Chieftain Mews is Nigel Godrich, Thom, and/or Phil were all following him. And now they’re not, so are they upset with him?

    • inkybrown

      hahahahahaha. you took colin’s comment seriously? he was 100% joking and being very cheeky about it. it’s like an inside joke with the fans. clearly there was no actual paper signed, he was just playing along with the game Radiohead and Chieftan Mews are up to ;)

      • inkybrown

        also as you can tell by what Mews tweeted in response to my tweet the other night… he is playing back. it’s like a fencing match and colin’s comment was a touché, then mews’s comment about seeing to it that colin was not going to appear on Fallon’s show was another touché

  • Muldfeld

    I can’t imagine the scenario in which Colin would find “Chieftain Mews” “disgusting”, but continue to follow him/her on twitter. Either the person speaking to the band members didn’t get the joke or the band is playing a prank.

    Furthermore, the band are free agents, so what kind of clause would Colin have to sign. It’s rubbish. It’s the guy who does the artwork just playing around and the band ISN’T upset about it.

  • killed/by/kyosti

    she probably meant to say Jack White. Since he did the music for the last one – – am i right?

  • cooldude

    doesn’t wiki have a section about Thom being rude to Jack Black at the Bridge school benefit?

  • Damn

    It looks like a joke… I don’t know… It’s weird, anyway…

  • Hodge Podge

    Wow, that was a very modern set list. Seems it was a short set but still

  • Sounds like a troll… it’s just too… ideal, too good.

    Well… time will tell.

    • Well, I actually know the person that sent it to me. She was not the only person there either.

      • Yeah, I considered the possibility of it being true when I said “time will tell”.

        Well if its true, it’s quite interesting. Ed at sometime said “no TKOL2″, so this would be separate, but not isolated from, TKOL.

        Good stuff.

      • The Butcher

        Josh, how is it that these fans were able to meet and talk with the Radiohead members after the show?

        • Austin

          Well if he and inkybrown went around telling everyone how to talk with the band, then everyone would try to do so, which would be completely immature. I’m really happy that inkybrown was able to talk with them and share her conversation. She wouldn’t have been able to do that if Radiohead was forced to shut themselves away after every performance because every fan in the venue would rush them when they walk off stage. It would be amazing and unforgettable to speak with them, but I’m just one person in a million. Maybe more. So why would they want to speak with me, you know? It just wouldn’t be fair to the band. In “In Meeting People is Easy”, the band seemed to be a wreck because of how they couldn’t separate the public and the media from their lives. If that happened again, that would really suck for them :( (Thanks again though inky!)

          • inkybrown

            I do feel really really lucky that I met them. I thought if I ever met them I would be too overwhelmed/nervous to speak, but obviously that did not happen! It’s like I was temporarily possessed by someone with more composure. ;) Still can’t believe I asked Thom so casually about Big Boots and that he ANSWERED! And asking the boys about Chieftan Mews on night 2… that was just icing on the cake. I’m so glad I thought of that at the last minute.

            • Austin

              I bet they’ll remember you for it :) And I had no idea Big Boots was written for a film (Or was Thom joking and I’m just not getting it?). I cracked up when I read your conversation with Phil and Colin about Mews. They might have really appreciated having that conversation with you, it sounded more like you talked to them as people rather than as “rock gods” as many interviewers would so inappropriately label them. I hope you get the opportunity to talk with them again. It’s amusing for most people here I think to hear these conversations with the guys. Plus you never know, maybe you’ll become their backstage conversation buddy ;). You never know! But in all seriousness, Thanks again.

              • inkybrown

                Hey Austin (is this austinbrock?) no Thom was not joking, it was written for a film. And yeah, I don’t know how I did it but when I talked to the band it was as a normal person even though to me they are gods ;) I truly don’t know how I was able to be so casual and composed around them… it was an out of body experience. I think if they remember anything about me, it would be that I am the person who has been their fan since the beginning but didn’t see their show until last week because i was always stupid/ignorant about their tours before. :D

            • Thank again for sending this to me inky!

            • The Butcher

              At what time did the show end? Like 12:00am?

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