Chieftan Mews Tweets

Earlier Chieftan Mews sent out a message(s) on Twitter.  (He’s been asking a question every week since August 4th):

“#1/10: Was/Is this all a w.a.s.t.e. of your/our time? Stay detuned.. .. .. .. .. .␄”

(Could something new be released on the W.A.S.T.E.  store soon?)

And he tweeted.

“Like you, once again, I am a free fugitive of life.”



Here are the previous questions he has asked

Sept 27th:  “2/10: Why do some assume this is a countdown instead of a quiz?

Sept 21st: “3/10: You all snap snap snap. Expect a rabbit out of my ass. Please don’t judge me. Are you feeling Feral? Snap snap snap all you: 10/3″

Sept 15th: “4/10: Leaves fall & then grow again. From the same branches. The sounds they make can change too. .. … Kid is now an Adult?”

Sept 8th: “<Abbatoir noises> #5/10: What’s on agenda at the World Policy Forum in Yaroslavl? Congrats to PJ for answering last week, you won a prize.”

Aug 24th: “#6/10: Which artist of today reminds you of the John Heartfield of yestercentury? (#7 expires Sept 1, #6 expires Sept 8) #rigid #tkol”

Aug 24th: “#7/10: No more hiding: “The atom had a positive, a negative & a neutral” & “Later for the date than the hadron collider” & “I am open.” ??”

Aug 18th: “#8 of 10: Have you really considered that you have been lied to constantly since you were born? (Expires Aug 25 or so)”

Aug 11th: “#9 of 10: What is your personal definition of: ‘freedom’? (exp. 18-Aug)”

Aug 4th: “#10: Please @ 1 song that makes you feel energetic & write about it in 1 sentence. (1 answer


Confused?  Wondering who Chieftan Mews is?  Start here.