Radiohead special on BBC 6 Music ‘Now Playing @6Music’ this Friday

There will be a Radiohead special on BBC 6 Music ‘Now Playing @6Music’ this Friday from 2:00pm – 4:00pm EST.  (Or from 7:00pm -9:00pm in the UK).

They are looking for fans to put together ultimate Radiohead playlist.   The show contacted me and wants the readers of this site to put together a playlist.  I’m going to use the top 5 songs in the poll that I started “Whats Your Favorite TKOL era Track”, and 1 non TKOL era songs.

So far the top 5 tracks are: The Daily Mail, Staircase, Bloom, Separator, and Codex.

I need to send some comments to the show as to why you voted for a particular song, so leave a comment below and you might be quoted on BBC 6 Music.

For more information on the program visit—build-the-ulti.shtml

And another reminder that Thom Yorke will be on BBC 6 Radio on Sunday, below is a teaser from the program.


Thom Yorke 6 Mix (BBC 6 Music) teaser by 6mix

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  • osmith23

    Lotus Flower
    Daily Mail

    Sit Down, Stand Up

  • TKOL: Magpie – sexual, funky, and as always, Colin.
    Feral – crazy band orgy, love it.
    These are my twisted words – underrated. only close your eyes and feel it.

    Other: Worrywort – I fucking love this song, so beautiful.

  • George Price

    My favourite TKOL era song is:
    The Butcher: I feel this song’s sounds are amazing, the drumbeat, the crazy little dots of magic in the background, Thom’s hypnotic vocals, it just makes it a brilliant song for me.
    My favourite Non-TKOL era song is:
    2+2=5 (The Lukewarm): This is a song I can listen to on repeat for hours literally. The sounds, the lyrics, the vocals, everything about this song is just perfect. What I like most is the brilliantly sung verses and then we get to the climax which I didn’t know was coming. It’s like a rush of blood to the head, it’s suspect but you don’t expect it. Nothing more, nothing less, just classic Radiohead.

  • Andrew

    Separator – It’s very hazy and atmospheric. Definitely the kind of song best heard with eyes closed and no distraction, so that you can fall into it and feel it entirely.

  • afan

    From TKoL:

    Bloom –
    love Thom’s vocal, folksy and indigenous singing style, multiple syllables in one vowel, and yet very contemporary. The soundscape is vast and open, on land or in the ocean…, spiritual.

    Separator –
    another dream like song, sensual, sexy…, you just want to wave your body with the sound, enjoy the moment, and thank goodness, it offers hope when awake from such a beautiful dream….

    Little by Little –
    another sexy song…., I’m a big fan of Brazilian percussion, it has this Brazilian music box crisp fragile sound, flirting and teasing in lyrics but subtly played in music.

    Non TKoL:

    The Amazing Sounds of Orgy –
    I can’t use any words to describe it, you just got to feel it…..

  • TKOL song = Codex

    Non-TKOL song = Kid A

    Never stop playing Kid A, it sounds amazing live.

  • James

    Quick question, if they’re going to play these songs on air, where are they going to get audio of Staircase/The Daily Mail? Given they’ve only ever been played live….

  • “The amazing sound of orgy”!

  • servo

    i had to vote for staircase. to me,it has all the elements of a great radiohead song. a driving bass line,the stair step style guitar,thom’s melodic vocals and punchy drums.

  • Hayden

    I assume they’re going to play them live? If so, my choices are:

    Bloom – I don’t think they do a TKoL song better than Bloom. It’s always performed so perfectly, especially if they have brass.

    and my non-TKoL:

    There There – There There live is always just amazing. They generally play like a 7 minute version that kicks ass, the guitar work Jonny does is generally pretty damn awesome. Even if it’s not a live performance, still one of my favorite songs, love the beat and all the guitar work.

  • eds

    I would say Bloom. Thom’s voice is like an instrument of its own, and the carefully thought out layers in this song are absolutely gorgeous. You can tell that Colin and Phil are such talented musicians; the loops, the drum fills, the groovy bassline… The string section for the break down makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Although, I do wish he said ‘I dive into those eyes’ instead of ‘a giant turtles eyes…’

  • Vincent

    My votes go to both ‘Bloom’ and ‘Separator.’ I have my own idea of what TKOL limbs is as a story, and these two songs play a big part in that, by how different they are. To me it feels like the entire album is a journey towards adulthood and peace, like a life developing from childhood to adult :

    Bloom, Magpie, Little By Little are all playful and ‘wild’ filled with crazy noises. but then something changes during Feral, like realizing something needs to change.

    This change becomes evident during Lotus Flower as it’s still playful but more controlled.. followed by the beautiful but still sad Codex. Then comes Give Up The Ghost, which sounds mature, calm, but still has fear in it.. until ultimately reaching peace and calm with Separator, which feels completely confident, at ease and happy and grateful. To me, in a way Separator feels like looking back at the ”life” of the album.

    Wow, this turned out to be more of a mini review than a comment xD I hope anyone can understand a word of what I just typed, I guess I needed to get these words out so sorry for the long story xD

  • Missaci

    TKOL = The Butcher

    Other = Reckoner

  • TKOL: Bloom, Codex, Little by little, Staircase, Supercollider…

    non-tkol: Pyramid Song

  • GiantTurtle

    TKOL – ERA song: Bloom
    non – TKOL: Come to your senses, Thom says they have this almost done!

  • LaughinGass

    “The Daily Mail” heralds in the rich, round, triumphant return of horns to the modern musicscape.

  • Yulia Chepurnova

    Separator, a charming fairytale-like melody that can cure of any depression and show the light at the end of a tunnel.

    Reckoner, the definition of harmony, beauty and magic that can transport you straight to cloud seven and make you feel happy to be alive.

  • Max Thibodeaux

    I say Lotus Flower. It’s great on the album, it’s even better live. Non-TKOL, Reckoner. It breaks my heart every time.

  • Neal

    I voted for separator because of the guitar at the end. I just love how subtle and precise it is. Its the best track and quickly becoming my favorite radiohead song. As for non TKOL I would say How to Disappear Completely. Also I would like to say Electioneering because they never play that live and its a great song.

  • cooldude

    Separator because the lyrics are crazy good and motion picture soundtrack because they never play it.

  • HelloKidA

    Bloom live is the definition of a truly ethereal experience, then again nobody knows how to start an album off like Radiohead. Also, The Butcher was just another example of how their B-sides can easily be A-sides.

    As far as non-TKOL I’d have to go with Packt Like Sardines after seeing their performance in 2001 with Jools Holland. It was so different, but in the best of ways.

  • Callum Wood

    I have to say Lotus Flower. It’s absolutely gorgeous when it’s just Thom on guitar but as a full band it becomes something else. The drums, the falsetto, that synth…it all adds up to what I feel is one of the best things the band have done in recent memory. Also, the video.

    For non-TKOL song, that changes all the time but right now I’d say my favourite is Videotape. In Rainbows was the first Radiohead album I properly got into (OK Computer and Kid A didn’t do anything for me at the time, thank God that changed) and that closer cinched the deal.

  • Alkaline 64

    It feels like with ‘The Daily Mail’ they had decided to sum up everything great about what made Radiohead a great band in the first place, and rolled it all up into one magnificent, three and a half minute epic! Sublime lyrics, melody, instrumentation, everything… If we don’t see this as a studio single any time soon then it would be such a shame, it’s lovely!

  • Ricky

    I chose Little By Little because I think it’s the best guitar interplay that Radiohead has ever done. Thoms guitar is dripping with some woodsy sludgy effect that feels like a cousin of the Bodysnatchers effect and Jonny makes it feel like a CAN tune that could easily go on for 15 minutes. It makes me so happy every time. It sounds even better From The Basement.

  • I voted for The Butcher, it came out of left field on the back of Supercollider but had this sense of being off the cuff spoken word piece, right up until the half way point where the song just grows into this massive mental thing.

    For the non TKOL song I’d say The Amazing Sound of Orgy, it’s not one of their best known songs however in many ways it predated the direction Radiohead went with TKOL with this amazing wild textured soundscape. Plus it feels very appropriate for the state of the world today “The Day the Banks Collapsed?” anyone?

    That and it would be epic to have the poor announcer have to state that the song title live on air (sorry) lol.

    • afan

      The Amazing Sound of Orgy, some people imagine this song play at the end of the movie “Fight Club”, how appropriate!

      …..and “The Day the Banks Collapsed”, someone knows how to incorporate this song with one of the live videos of OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protest, wouldn’t that be fitting and powerful?

  • My favourite TKOL era track would have to be Codex, it is a glimpse of what life was like in The Bends days but only 16 years later. (Separator would be a close 2nd)

    As far as non-TKOL song goes there is just too many to choose from. I always have Idioteque, Fake Plastic Trees, and Killer Cars on heavy rotation.

  • John Gault

    Separator* my favourate song and i f*** up the spelling sorry !

  • John Gault

    i chose seperator because of how chill it is with the haunting guitar and bass, i just go into a diffrent world and forget about my troubles and shit for 5 minutes.

  • inkybrown

    Where do we vote for the non-TKOL song?
    My all-time favorite is Pyramid Song.

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