Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs is best selling vinyl album so far in 2011

Radiohead’s eight studio album The King Of Limbs is the best selling vinyl album so far this year.  Vinyl sales are up this year compared to last year.  So far this year, sales have passed 240,000, compared to 234,000 sales for all of of 2010, up an estimated 40% on the same time last year.

Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs is on course to being the year’s biggest selling vinyl album, selling over 20,000 copies to date, almost ten times of Adele’s 21, the second highest selling vinyl album this year.  Other albums in the top 10 include albums by: Beady Eye, Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey, Bon Iver, Alex Turner, Kate Bush, Elbow, and Nirvana.

The highest year for vinyl sales was 1975, when 91.6 million units were sold, before cassettes, CD’s and digital downloads.

Which format did you purchase The King Of Limbs on?

From :  Musicrooms

  • Babel fish

    **** I’ll wear out the digital versions before opening the physical ones ****

    Are you sure you want to do that??

  • Phil Selway

    I didn’t buy anything but that’s because I believe music is an experience of the mind rather than the mp3/vinyl. Tom (Yoke) will sure be pleased to know how much we are gathering in on this record though. ‘Little by little’ the cash is starting to come in, ooh yeah, baby.

  • RadioMad

    I have bought the newspaper special edition, the standard digipack CD, the Supercollider/The Butcher 12″ single and the collection of all seven 12″ remix single. Still have to buy the 2-CD remix album though.

  • Tim

    I got the pre-order box set and have kept in unopened

    I also got all the remix vinyls (7 in total) and have left them unopened

    I’ll wear out the digital versions before opening the physical ones : )

    I have a huge collection of vinyl mostly from 1966 to 1974 but Radiohead (and not many other modern bands) have to be part of the record collection..
    The sum/comment bit says 2 + ? = 5 – such a shame 2 didn’t work….

    • I guess I should have done that. I bought the newspaper album, the physical (CD), and Supercollider/The Butcher 12″ single as well. I didn’t get any of the remixes yet. I have now listened to most of them.

    • Babel fish

      Anything collection before 1966 yet?

      I’m from one of the far east countries, at the time of 1970s, original vinyls were extremely expensive or rare, so my dad will bring back those used original vinyls music from 1950s or 1960s (flea market or garage sales) from US, or UK, those were like gold to us, those beautiful originals felt so different than the over abundant bootlegs.

  • raiden

    I also purchased the newspaper album… twice! I haven’t opened the second one

  • I got the box set with all of the formats … yo.

  • James

    I heard a statistic that something like 12% of all vinyl that has been sold in the UK this year was The King of Limbs.

  • oh yes, plus I got the supercollider/the butcher 12″ and 3 of the remixes – Caribou/Jacques Greene, Lone/Pearson Sound/Fourtet, and Jamie xx/Anstam/ SBTRKT remixes.

  • Austin

    I pre ordered the Newspaper album within the first week or two it was announced. I feel proud to be a part of something like this :)

  • Adrian

    Just the newspaper album, but that comes with every format (digital, CD, vinyl) so I didn’t bother buying the retail versions. Also managed to snag the Supercollider single in a record store the other week, super pleased! I haven’t picked up any of 12″ remixes but I was thinking of grabbing a couple at some point.

  • Ross

    I bought the newspaper edition and the standard vinyl… and Supercollider/The Butcher Vinyl. Also, this year i bought all their albums in vinyl, excluding Pablo Honey and The Bends. Im in love with the vinyl sound, im collecting them now.

  • All formats here too (including both the newspaper edition vinyl and the standard vinyl). Sounds incredibly warm and great on vinyl! Was just reading the newspaper and listening to it the other day. What a great experience! The weird thing is that there are lyrics for just about every song in there (some of them differ from the recorded version, like GUTG), EXCEPT for Little By Little! Why would that be? Maybe they wrote that track towards the end of the session.

  • Every format I think. I Pre-ordered the newspaper album (which included the vinyl of course) which in the end was paying for the digital copies and cd. On the release of ‘the universal sigh’ I bought the cd, since I didn’t want to come back empty handed. (The paper didn’t show up on the day they were supposed to…)

    Yes, though, vinyl really is the way to go. If you’re at home, you may as will listen to it the best way possible…this past year for me has been all about the vinyl. I can’t stop…

  • Missaci

    I purchased all formats. Soooooooo happy for it

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