Video: The Minotaur at The Old Vic Tunnels features a sonic installation by Thom Yorke

There’s  an art exhibition current taking place in The Old Vic Tunnels of South London called The Minotaur, which features a large-scale mesmerizing abstract film projection reflected in an ominous and regal pool of water, two sculptures made from what appear to be dead rats, graphic footage of bullfighting shown on loop, as well as a sonic installation from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

The Minotaur was described by Stanley Donwood as “an event organised by that curator of the questionable, Mr Steve Lazarides. The event will take place in the cavernous tunnels below Waterloo Station in London. Me, I’m going to be something unlike anything that I’ve done before, if you discount that business with the maze in Holland a year or so ago.”

Below is a video of the exhibit that includes Thom Yorke’s “sonic installation”