Special box for Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs remixes

Here’s a photo of a special box that was produced to store all 7 remix albums from Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs.  There were only 500 of these produced.

It looks like this was mailed to this person because he purchased all 7 12″ vinyl remixes from The King Of Limbs.  This letter accompanied the box.

The letter reads:

Dear Customer,

We notice from our records that you bought all 7 of the remix series we thought you might like to have a nice box to keep them tidy.  This is one of only 500 made.

From: flickr

(thanks Stu)

Here is another picture I found of one (click to enlarge photo).  Someone is selling one.

I will update this if more information comes available.  For a complete recap on all of the remixes from TKOL click here.

Whoever setup The King Of Limbs Part 2 Facebook page for me I am still trying to gain access to the page.  Please contact me!