Radiohead The King Of Limbs From The Basement being released on DVD

You can now pre-order Radiohead’s performance of The King Of Limbs – Live From The Basement on DVD and BluRay.  The DVD features Supercollider which does not appear in the original footage.  The releases is accompanied with a 32-page book with photos by Steve Keros.  It will be available on iTunes on December 19th and in stores by the end of January according to At Ease.

From the official The King Of Limbs store:

The King of Limbs – From The Basement

(DVD & BluRay)

Radiohead’s TV performance of The King of Limbs is now available to pre-order on DVD and BluRay. In case you didn’t see it, the programme is a live studio performance of The King of Limbs.

There are also performances of The Daily Mail and Staircase, which haven’t been released yet. Supercollider has been added as a bonus track. Thanks to Steve Keros who took some nice pictures to go in the book.

Pre-order here for the DVD & BluRay for Christmas Delivery.

To purchase The King Of Limbs – Live From The Basement on DVD click here.


01 Bloom
02 The Daily Mail
03 Feral
04 Little by Little
05 Codex
06 Separator
07 Lotus Flower
08 Staircase
09 Morning Mr. Magpie
10 Give Up the Ghost
11 Supercollider (bonus track)

Be sure to add The King Of Limbs Part 2 on Google + here

I also created a small forum for the site here.

Radiohead uploaded “Bloom” live From The Basement on their YouTube channel.

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  • Great line up. We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  • Staircase is beautiful.

  • Phil Selway

    I need more Radiohead news NOW Josh! It’s been almost a week.

  • The Controller

    To be honest I was hoping that they’d play older songs, similar to In Rainbows – Live from the Basement. Not stuff from Kid A or Hail to the Thief or pre-Kid A, I mean the two singles they released, These Are My Twisted Words and Harry Patch (In Memory of). I know These Are My Twisted Words was much more likely, but when I heard they were going to have a orchestra (which later turned out to be a brass section) I was really hoping for Harry Patch (In Memory Of), but I digress.

  • Little by Little

    The Butcher is still absent??

  • I have set up a forum for the site for those of you that would like to join

    I’m trying to figure out how everything works on it so its still a work in progress.

  • G'dMorninMrPorkpie

    p.s., yes, i have been a good boy this year.

  • Ross

    What I can see is that from left to right it reads The King Of Limbs; from top to bottom it reads Radio-Head.

  • Ross

    New font to take care about: From left to right it reads The King Of Limbs; from top to bottom it reads Radio-Head.

  • glindsey212

    What are the download codes for?

  • Phil Selway

    Guys, sorry about this but we won’t be putting this out on VHS. It’s DVD and Bluray only this year.

    Will keep you updated as soon as I hear anymore on this from Tom (Yoke)

    • I was hoping to get it on VHS and cassette if possible.

      • Phil Selway

        I will try my best Josh, but the other lads have been telling me for ages that VHS is a thing of the past. I’m not sure that they will agree for a VHS release but i’m trying my best over here. I will keep you updated as always

    • LeP.

      are they going to release it on Super 8 ?! ?! ?!

      please phil ! ! that s only thing i have at home , talk to Tom (Yoke) ! ! pleaseeeeee

    • Please insist Tom (Yoke) that this should be his main priority!

    • This is possibly the best Phil Selway post on this site ever.

      • Phil Selway

        It is a pressing issue for our fans with VHS players who like to keep a healthy dose of nostalgia in their lives. I sympathise strongly with their plight as I myself am still in possession of my own 10 year old video player. Me and that baby had some good times. When Lethal Weapon 4 came out, I was the envy of all my friends. “Who wants to come round and watch Lethal Weapon 4 with me?” – they all shouted “ME!” in a lovely unison choir of envy, and we used to watch it together every afternoon. Now, everyone has that on DVD, and i’m left here looking at my VHS wondering where it all went wrong.

  • Elbrus

    Yay! I´m wondering what the cover means…

  • LeP.

    . see U in tampa josh . [ didn t get for miami , MY CITY , i have to see if I get lucky on the 12th ]

    i didn t buy the dvd . will wait for them being on store . i am not feeling well today about radiohead , as i wasn t feeling well yesterday and for a few months now . i do not approve having people not sleeping because of the tickets , and i think they are being very pretentious in a lot of things . So buying tix for the show is more than enough for today .
    still my favorite mainstream band , and for being mainstream they are an example . BUT I AM FED UP for these days .

    cambio y fuera . radiohead was my favorite band one day .

    • Elbrus

      I wouldn´t call Radiohead mainstream. They are the complete oposite of mainstream. Justin Biber is mainstream. Lady Gaga is mainstream. But not Radiohead.

      In which things do you think they are pretentious?

      • LeP.

        i used ” not ” to call radiohead mainstream , now i stared calling them mainstream . I used to say they are my ” less mainstream ” fav band . Now i just feel they are mainstream as well .

        i am nobody to call them pretentious but this is kind of why i feel like that :

        -extreme [ unnecessary ] secrecy about the album release and the post album release for so long
        -choosing such a horrible [ but probably will let them make lot of money ] venue in miami and big arenas around the country, instead of going for smaller but big enough beautiful theaters or so to make their music even more beautiful live .
        -tickets craziness with no ” start time for the sale ” forcing human beings not to sleep or things like that

        in a lot of blogs i ve been called ” a fan that only loves everything ” , now i can show that people were wrong , as I ve told them those times but they didn t believe me .

        anyway , not a biggie , just my feeling these days and for some months now .

        • LeP.

          ps : guys ! ! ! keep checking – i had this little positive feeling they were going to release more tickets , and in fact i just got for miami as well ! ! !

          just keep checking brothers ! !

          still ” my ex favorite mainstream band ” – – i dont like this craziness -

          • Kim

            Guess you weren’t that peeved to go back and check for tickets, huh?

            I’m really happy for you. I tried for over an hour to get Arizona pre-sale and got zilch.

    • Well, I hope you get a ticket to Miami. Its tough not knowing when the pre sale starts. I stayed up late checking and woke up VERY early to keep checking. I will be in Tampa and hope to see you there!

    • p

      well . . . anger i wont have because of this , never , that would be too much of course ! but even with my immense happiness , i insist , I DO NOT APPROVE the willing of get people crazy in front of a computer refreshing every second [ which i had to do of course ! ] , and not sleeping and waking up super early etc .

      • p

        that comment suppose to be for KIM

        josh . . . one day you can review a bit the way comments work eh ? ! hahaha everyone gets so confuse with this ” modern style ” hehehehe

  • Toby

    “There are also performances of The Daily Mail and Staircase, which haven’t been released yet.”


    • They’ll release these songs before too long I would guess. Maybe they will record them (if they have not already) when they are back in the studio in Dec and Jan?

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