Listen to 2 previously unreleased Radiohead demo’s

Two previously unreleased Radiohead tracks have recently been put online for the first time.  The songs are back from 1986 when they were still called On A Friday.  The songs are “Girl (In the Purple Dress)” and “Everyone Knows”.

Let me know what you think of the songs in the comments section below.

  • AJ

    There’s another tape from @ 1986′ish, with the tracks Fragile Friend, Sweet Justice, Mr Celibate and one other (can’t remember the name right now). It was their first proper studio session. The studio burnt down, and all the tapes were destroyed. Luckily I’d made a copy, which I believe is the only one that exists. I’ll release it one day.

  • These songs are awesome! I’ve been wondering if they’d ever show up after seeing them on here:

    DONATE TO THAT GUY! He maintains an awesome awesome awesome site!

  • Thomas

    Josh, vous êtes trop vieux créer des sites Web sur des bandes de bruit. Êtes-vous sur le livre de paie de Radiohead ? Êtes-vous les publicistes de Radiohead ? Il bizarre le temps où vous passez dessus ici.

    • You make a good point Thomas. This site has been a lot of work. As you may know, I never really planned to start up this site it just progressed from the TKOL2 blog I started. I’m sure there are better things I could do with my spare time, though I have enjoyed it so far.

      • ShaunThomson

        Everyone appreciates the amount of work u’ve put into this site josh, you have done a marvelous job and especially all credit to you for keeping it going after Ed denied the part 2 rumours, i mean personally i check this site like checking my facebook, and its certainly my first port of call for radiohead news. Trolls will be trolls, they’re all a waste of space… i assume its the attention they’re after

    • Kwili

      It’s ok… He’s French. They don’t appreciate anything.

  • Loïc Zev

    JustSayHellNo: Radiohead is not an activist group. It’s not fighting for a better world. It’s just a band. You want musicians that want to change the world? You can listen to Bono. Thom Yorke is just one of the most influential musicians from the past decade (and I’m not the only one saying it), him and the rest of Radiohead make music that constantly changed my life. And seriously, about the Idioteque lyrics quote, are you fucking retarded?. By the way, Josh accomplished a blog that (me, at least) makes me come here before Dead Air Space every couple of days. JustSayHellNo, I say FUCK no to you and your laughable arguments.

    • Parp

      Well said dude. Josh is doing something great here, I for one log in every day just to keep up on whats going on.

      Haters gonna hate.

  • Cas

    JustSayHellNo There is no need to pity anyone for getting off their arse and doing anything. If you feel strongly about it you could get out of your chair instead of trolling to make it feel like you are actually doing something. Speaking of wasting valuable time, your post was pretty long.

  • JustSayHellNo

    I pity you Josh. You spend alot of time doing this stupid blog/website instead of experiencing life. Use your time wisely. Each Radiohead member is worth $30-40 million. Do you really think they give a rat’s ass about you? They didn’t even go down to the OWS area to take a look around much less participate in it. In fact, abuser Yorke even goes around telling the press that he not an activist. But the user Yorke went around campaigning for a carbon tax which would have TRACKED your movements (travel) to tax you on your movement and purchases if it was passed. Thank god it was defeated! You need to wise up and realize who has your best interest at heart because it ain’t these dwarf fuckers. Also, their music is shock fear mongering ~ ICE AGE COMING! Yet the little fucker went around telling ppl about GLOBAL WARMING. Don’t spend your precious time on hypocrite abusers.

    • JustSayHellNo

      Another thing… why support a sub par band that calls handicapped ppl “cripples” (from Myxomatosis)? Our society finds this offensive since the 1950s. Isn’t Yorke the real cripple in this situation!

    • Parp


      In all seriousness, though, you’re an idiot.

      Let’s break this down.

      “Do you really think they give a rat’s ass about you?”

      That’s not the idea, moron. This website is here for FANS, not for Thom Yorke to come along and say, “Wow check this guy out he’s amazing.”

      “Also, their music is shock fear mongering ~ ICE AGE COMING! Yet the little fucker went around telling ppl about GLOBAL WARMING.”

      Shock mongering? It’s a freaking song! Ever heard of a metaphor? You wouldn’t listen to Sex on Fire and take it literally, so why take Idioteque literally?!

    • Austin

      Well come on dude, the lyrics have no relevance to real life or even the band members’ views. We can only assume we know what the lyrics mean, but we will never know for sure unless we’re told directly by the writer. Ice age coming could be taken in a literal sense, where Thom is foreseeing an ice age in the near future, or he could be foreseeing a point in his life where he is overcome with depression and everything grows “cold” in a metaphorical sense. As a matter of fact, if you’ve read much about the band you would know that Thom felt trapped and depressed during the production of Kid A, in part because he had trouble expressing his music. Plus Kid A was recorded a while ago now, global warming is much more apparent then it once was, it may have taken Thom some time for him to believe global warming was really happening. You never know. I don’t believe it’s a good idea to try and pretend you know someone, or something, in the case, Radiohead. Plus I’m really glad for what Josh is doing, it makes Radiohead more exiting, and gives fans an opportunity to look in depth at the band. Music is very important for some people, and personally I could care less about what the lyrics say anyway, if I cared about lyrics I would resign myself to sitting in my room reading poetry for the rest of my life, so even if Thoms lyrics were hypocritical, I could care less. His voice is an instrument, and I listen to music for music, not words. I’m sure many do the same. I know its probably pointless to reason with you, but I just ask one things of you…calm down a bit.

    • Cool story bro. I pity people that make comments like these. By the way I track all the comments on here by IP address, so I see all the user names you have used.

    • Phil Selway

      I disagree.

    • lviv

      JustSayHellNo: Josh is one of those fan boy types like a screaming teenage girl with groupie band posters all over his bed room wall. LOL. He enjoys sucking up to millionaire celebrities. Best leave him alone, he’s a girlie man.

  • crap

    sounds like crap.

  • Austin

    Hmm, so does On a Friday’s stuff, such as these, get added to the Radiohead song list?

    • Mast Urbayshun

      No. This was recorded under the moniker ‘On a Friday’, hence NOT Radiohead. Clue’s in the name, shmuck.

      • Austin

        Hence the reason I asked the question. The only difference between the two bands is time and a name. If Pink Floyd were to start calling themselves Purple Wallace, I’d still consider they’re music to be of Pink Floyd. I figured it would just lay within Josh’s interpretation of what is and what isn’t Radiohead

        • Well I still consider as Radiohead, just would label them as Radiohead/On A Friday or Radiohead as On A Friday, etc. I have not added all of the On A Friday songs yet to the lyrics pages or song lists I have started, but I would like to have them all eventually.

  • Phil Selway

    You’d have to ask Tom (Yoke)! X

  • Cas

    Anyone can play saxophone.

  • G'dMorninMrPorkpie

    why’d it take so long to get out?

  • Sat down

    Jonny looks creepy.

  • Phil Selway

    Thanks a lot for sharing Josh


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