Radiohead to play at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival in South Korea in July

Radiohead have added another tour date to their upcoming tour.  The band will play at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival in South Korea on July 27th – 29th.  Tickets for the event go on sale of Feb 14th.

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  • f

    Does anyone know which date Radiohead are on at Jisan Valley?

  • Keir

    Yup, that’s the usual Jisan / Fuji set up. Much like Reading and Leeds.

  • jairus

    Why couldn’t radiohead be bigger in Korea when I lived there. I had to wait a whole week after the release date to get HTTT!

  • Bb

    is this their first trip to Korea?

  • Tom

    I reckon that Radiohead will play one festival in the UK,, maybe V Festival, Wireless or T in The Park. They might be contracted that they won’t announce their UK dates until the festival line up is out and selling well so that the festival does well.
    Then they announce the UK dates, which I think will be at Alexandra Palace in London.
    I guess they might be doing the same thing in the North East of the USA with Lollapollozza.- When is the Madison Square Garden open again?

    Festivals pay well- there’s no promotion for Radiohead to do, and you get to reach a wider audience.

    If they are playing festivals then I guess they’ll anounce just before the tour starts at the end of the month. (V Festival announcement is on the 23/2) This would mean they were touring the UK at the end of August which fits with Ed saying it was going to be Autumn time (sort of.)

    I also think that perhaps there will be some sort of deal like if you go to the arena gig, you can download the master mix of the gig for a small fee- Pearl Jam did something similar a few years ago I tihnk.

    What do people think?

    • Tom

      OK, so it probaly won’t be Wireless or T in the Park, as they’d need to playing the Sat in Germany, Sun in UK and Mon in Switzerland- but maybe Reading & Leeds again

    • I think you might be right. I think they’ll Madison Square Garden, but I’m not sure if it’s reopened yet or not. I think that’s a great idea for their gigs(to sell a download). Especially when it’s a show that you were at, that way you can relive the experience.

  • Little Boots

    But that wasn’t for the tour. So they’re bound to come back at lest one more time. They also haven’t announced any East Coast Dates (To my knowledge). But a return to NYC will probably happen.

  • tttthom

    Josh, did you know that two Radiohead songs are going to be turned into symphonies according to

  • Roger E.

    When Radiohead announces a NYC or UK tour date then I’ll care. For now, it’s all meh news to me.

  • Super excited about this since I live in Korea. There are a lot of Korean fans here that have been waiting for this for a long time. I’m excited for them. Don’t think Radiohead has ever played Korea.

    I’m extremely fortunate this time around that I’ll get to go to the Miami show and the Jisan Valley show.

  • Damn

    I don’t understand why dates for South Korea are the same as Japan… just sayin’..

    • James

      It’s a three day festival, I would suggest that after Radiohead play one they’ll fly off and play the other the next day (or two days later). They aren’t playing every night over the three days.

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