New Radiohead video being released today Feb 14th?

Update 2-14-2012 12:15pm est- It sppears this video is for the opening of Sebastian Edge’s new studio Noth London Darkroom, and he will be selling the 2 pictures he took of Radiohead as prints.  You can watch the video below.

Print Release by Sebastian Edge , North London Darkroom from North London Darkroom on Vimeo.


Will there be a new Radiohead video be released today on the one year anniversary of The King Of Limbs?  According to Sebastian Edge, who took the photo above of Radiohead and has sent out a few messages on Twitter regarding the video.

On Sunday he tweeted: “With @rek7productions, cutting some audio for a video tuesday 14th feb. finished. one year round #radiohead #tkol

And on Monday he sent out the following message: “@rek7productions i’m still here. They are still here. They were here. finish the circle #radiohead #tkol

To see the video he sent out Monday via Twitter click the yfrog link above.  The music in the video could be an unreleased Radiohead track possibly, as it sounds unfamiliar.  The clip is only a few seconds long.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

What will this video be exactly?  It’s hard to say, but he has been talking about on his Twitter account since March of last year.

Here are all the messages he has sent out on Twitter since last March:

March 22nd: “Moving through the tree line, the sunsets, we wait for it to rise as we wait in the darkness, knowing it will shine again, brighter.. #tkol”

June 4th: “The sun is turning, closer, a second look into the lens shortly #tkol”

June 17th: “The sun set on another day, the wood and its limbs #tkol”

June 19th: “Something new & old, Sun now waiting for dark before the pale moonlight #radiohead #tkol .back to my woodland #treeline”

July 28th: “Some things begin, others hold on. i’m putting it ALL back in.. #radiohead #tkol”

Nov 17th: “Printing in the darkroom tonight, and nights to come.. something special coming soon #radiohead #tkol”