Chieftan Mews Tweets “Sisi BakBak”

Chieftan Mews returned to Twitter today and sent out a total of 5 new messages.  Here they are in order (Notice the letters that a capitalized):

“Remember: 99 percent of everything on the internet is a lie. For leisure activity, merry prankster @nigelgod is a drone fighter pilot. Ahh.”

“Bestow blindfolds and gAg mouths to avoid pre-tense and maKe whoopie to the sounds around you. BeAt your drumKit @philipselway @clivedeamer

“many citizenS have theIr patria in war/gameS/takeovers and are fIghting from afar in their settee/chair/sofa. are you /they/we winning?”

“Come To Florida @jerkyboysjohnny : IMS MENOO : @ghostfacekillah

“This morning I consumed a Grand Mimosa with Croustades and Honey Almond Polenta. I will post a picture of my plate shortly. Stay detuned ␄”


The capital letters in the messages spell out “SiSi BakBak”, which is thought to be an alias for Thom Yorke.

(Thanks Eltons)