What other songs will Radiohead play on this tour?

Radiohead kicked of their 2012 U.S. tour last night in Miami at the American Airlines Arena.  The setlist consisted mostly of tracks from The King Of Limbs and In Rainbows, two new songs, a couple of classics, and for the first time ever they played “Meeting In The Aisle” live.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Thom Yorke revealed Radiohead have more than 75 songs they’ve “worked up”, that include new songs, and B-sides for this tour.   Radiohead will play again tomorrow evening in Tampa at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

What songs are you hoping to see played live on this tour?  Let me know in the comments.

(thanks Jordasm)

  • Hannah

    Watching them in London tonight, if they play Videotape or True Love Waits I will die a happy person and probably wet myself in excitement.

  • Jazmine Bowman

    I just pray to god that they play
    SAIL TO THE MOON- I believe that is hands down the most beautiful song they have ever written … I will absolutely burst into tears if they do

    I would also like too see
    -stop whispering
    -lotus flower
    -blow out
    -and of course paranoid andriod

  • P

    Just a comment for the person sayin RH have never played the present tense… Um if I remember correct they sound the present tense in Mexico cough cough… Just saying don’t be so sure of everything

  • Martin, Denmark

    paranoid android

    i want none of this

    big boots

    (analyse – would be cool with band)

    in limbo

    AND where bluebirds fly would be awesome

  • limbslimbslimbs

    Amazing Sounds of the Orgy
    Fast Track
    Every new Song

  • Kim

    Wolf at the Door
    4 Minute Warning
    The Butcher
    Punchup at a Wedding

  • AdamTheBadAss

    Why has nobody mentioned Let Down. They have to play it, they just have to, the fact they played Subterranean Homesick Alien, and Meeting in the Aisle since TKOL has been released gives me hope. My favourite Radiohead song of all time.

    • Ricky

      and if they could work out a new harmonizing outro given Ed’s new confidence singing (Identikit) to match the majesty of the album version, that wouldn’t be a Let Down at all.

  • Ricky

    The number 1 fantasy for me is Life In a Glasshouse.

    After that:
    These Are My Twisted Words
    The Trickster
    Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was)
    Last Flowers to the Hospital
    Packt Like Sardines
    Morning Bell/Amnesiac
    The Butcher
    The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
    Kid A – Berlin version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2MOCH_SIDE

    And a full band cover of Portishead’s ‘The Rip’.

    I’m just fantasizing. I love all RH tunes and I’ll be happy with whatever they play at my show.

  • Andrew Crutchley

    I’m glad they are concentrating on the king of limbs and in rainbows. If there was more variety it would sound cluttered, this way the whole performance is one experiance. But i would like to see them play Videotape and more new stuff! :D

  • James

    Where I End and You Begin
    Paranoid Android
    Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
    Living in a Glass House

    to name but a few (that they hadn’t played at Miami)

  • eeeeeeeeeeee

    Kinetic, Pyramid Song, Where I End and You Begin and 2+2=5 are the big ones for me.

  • Jordasm

    Big Boots
    The Present Tense
    The Butcher

    Also,thankyou for the mention :)

  • WakeMeUp

    Present Tense… I Froze Up… Like Spinning Plates… Scatterbrain…

  • I think I’m fine with them not playing a lot of The Bends-era songs. Not only because they maybe don’t fit in with the rest of the songs but because they had a more young energy at that time and they wouldn’t play those songs as well as the new ones. I guess I’d rather listen to new songs geing well executed than older songs with the band having trouble. But we’ll see how the tour goes… I’m excited for new songs!

  • Little Boots

    Songs I hope they play?
    – The Butcher
    – Come to your Senses
    – Burn the Witch
    – Big Boots
    – Follow Me Around
    – The Present Tense
    – Identitki
    – Cut a Hole
    – Skirting on the Surface

    And anything new

    • Justin

      I’m fairly certain “The Present Tense” isn’t a Radiohead song but an Atoms For Peace song, written by Thom. I say this because (1) Radiohead have never performed it live, (2) it wasn’t on “The King of Limbs,” which would’ve been crazy of them to exclude if it were collectively theirs, and (3) Atoms For Peace have performed it live, basically proving it is indeed theirs.

      I hope an Atoms For Peace album with “The Present Tense,” though, comes out immediately. That is my favorite unreleased track out there (though I already love “Identikit”), and when Thom first sang it live at the Latitude Festival in 2009, it was just exquisite.

      • kbg

        hmm i think it was written by Jonny actually. Listen to the Norwegian Wood soundtrack he did – and you’ll know what I mean.

        And I don’t think Atoms For Peace performed that…

        • Justin

          No, you’re right. Atoms For Peace didn’t perform it. Allow me to clarify: Thom Yorke performed “The Present Tense” at an Atoms For Peace gig. Here’s the video:


          Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s performed it live since. But yeah, considering Thom dedicated the song to Jonny, I’d agree that Jonny wrote the music either by himself or with Thom.

          • cal

            Thom also played Lotus Flower on the Atoms for Peace tour…I don’t see your point. Radiohead soundchecked the song at some point too…not saying that it will end up a Radiohead song because of that but I’ be surprised if it was on the AFP album…

            • Little Boots

              “The Present Tense” will either stay unreleased or be in the stay in the world of Radiohead. If that means Radiohead releases it then that would be awesome! If Thom Yorke releases it as a solo effort, that would be alright too. I feel as though this song wouldn’t work with Atoms for Peace, I can’t see it with synth, double percussion, or a Flea bassline.

              Also a theory I have is that “The Present Tense” became “Judge, Jury, and Excecutioner” only because while looking at “The Present Tense” guitar part it has an extremely similar progression to “Judge, Jury, and Excecutioner”. However that’s probably no the case, as the early version of “Staricase” had a similar guitar part to “Reckoner” just a thought.

              To conclude this, I simply hope Radiohead will play “The Present Tense”

  • Missaci

    I’d love to see them playing :

    The Butcher; Burn The Witch; Worryworth; How I Made My Millions; Bishop’s Robes; etc.

  • sailtothemoon

    Josh, are you going to post the setlist for tonight’s show in Tampa?

  • Ross

    The most waited song to me is Big Boots, then Follow Me Around and Palo Alto. I hope they play at least one of them in Mexico.

  • pantrus

    guys …. they can play whatever they want , but if they repeat the energy and delicacy and immense beauty of miami you better get the fuck ready . This tour is superior man , believe me i am not saying this out of excitement , it was my 5th radiohead show and far far far far the best . Get the fuck ready for this – That s what i can wish for my brothers and neighbors of Tampa . Also , worth going up front if you got floor , please do it , i mostly don t do it anymore but this is worth , i was up front , incredible , get there early please ! you have to ! ! also my pre-sale credit card used didn t work on ” their ” machines so they wanted me to go to customer service and loose my place in the line ???? fuck NO ! ! if happens to you obviously do what i did , and demand a security to go with you and bring you back to where you were – Don t loose your line and the wait you putted into it – – – and again …. go up front , the best you can , this will be an incredible rewarding experience ! ! ! ! fuck – it really was – thank radiohead !

  • I am so thrilled they start playing ‘Kid A’ (song) on tour again!

    I’m hoping to see played live:

    – The Butcher

    – Fog

    – Like Spinning Plates (with more electronic sounds going on)

    – Where I End and You Begin

    – Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box

    – Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was (long shot here :D)

  • I just posted this on Twitter but I am beginning to think Radiohead’s worlds first newspaper album is actually a World Tour wrapped up in a giant newspaper album.

    That being said I would love to hear the following tracks live

    Polyethylene (Parts 1 and 2)
    Big Boots
    Follow Me Around


    Also… Lift and Big Boots!

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