Radiohead Tampa Recap and Setlist

Radiohead performed tonight at the Tampa Bay Times Forum which of course is in Tampa.  Other Lives opened


  1. Bloom
  2. Little By Little
  3. Staircase
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. Morning Mr Magpie
  6. Meeting in the Aisle
  7. Pyramid Song
  8. Nude
  9. Identikit
  10. Lotus Flower
  11. There There
  12. Feral
  13. Idioteque
  14. The Daily Mail
  15. Bodysnatchers
  16. Reckoner
  17. Separator
  18. All I Need
  19. Myxomatosis
  20. Everything In Its Right Place
  21. Give Up the Ghost
  22. Karma Police
  23. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Check back later today for photos and videos from the show.


Radiohead played the first show of their 2012 U.S. Tour Monday night at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, and debuted two new songs, “Identikit” and “Cut A Hole”, and performed the b-side “Meeting In The Aisle” live for the first time.