New Radiohead song ‘Ful Stop’ Chords and Lyrics leaked?

Picture of Lyrics to Radiohead’s new song “Full Stop” (click on the image to enlarge)

It looks like the chords and lyrics to a new Radiohead song titled “Ful Stop” may have surfaced online.  The lyrics are currently for sale in an auction on Ebay.  The auction also includes several other items from the show in Glendale, AZ such as the setlist, drum sticks, guitar picks, etc.

The song “Ful Stop” was included on at least one of the leaked setlist pictures (can’t remember the exact one) that appeared during the first 10 shows for Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs tour.  The song has not yet been played live.

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  • Mike

    It was played live at Strasbourg in October 2012. I was there.

  • Amy

    Is anyone interested in splitting this auction with me? I really just want one of Thom’s picks, maybe a sign and the hat as well. The other stuff can be yours!

  • Little Boots

    Was this song name ever used before? Like in the “In Rainbows” sessions or earlier? Just wondering

  • Levon

    Either way, it’s exciting! But at the same time, is it me or are certain things that get leaked kinda bothersome? I mean I love having ‘insider’ info and a heads up but sometimes I feel we’re not getting the ‘full experience’ of Radiohead’s intent because of it. :/ Double edged sword I guess.

  • gNasty

    It’s interesting… I wonder who the sheet was bad for? It doesn’t have any minor chords so it’s obviously not for guitar. Unless its single notes which is not very radiohead. Not bass because it lists the bass parts at the bottom and why would Colin need to know what was going on if his part is just at the end? Clive is on there so not him. Same with Johnny. I can’t believe Thom would need something like this for something he wrote. Ed maybe?? Perhaps it’s for the soundboard operator? I must get to the bottom of this.

    • Levon

      I dont know if I’m interpreting correct, but it may be the chords for the synth part… as the sheet starts with
      ‘bass & kik x4′ and the next line is ‘synth…’ followed by the list of chords… ?

  • cooldude

    Is it “Full Stop” or “Full On”?

  • Bob

    A lot of repetition in the lyrics, just as in Identikit, which I think is a beautiful song.

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