Radiohead Live at Coachella Setlist and Recap

Radiohead performed this evening at the Coachella festival in Indio, CA.  They headlined the festival tonight.  The band’s set started at 11:05pm PDT (or 2:05am EST).


Live stream for Coachella:


  1. Bloom
  2. 15 Step
  3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  4. Morning Mr Magpie
  5. Staircase
  6. The Gloaming
  7. Pyramid Song
  8. The Daily Mail
  9. Myxomatosis
  10. Karma Police
  11. Identikit
  12. Lotus Flower
  13. There There
  14. Bodysnatchers
  15. Idioteque
  16. Lucky (Encore #1)
  17. Reckoner
  18. After the Gold Rush / Everything In Its Right Place
  19. Give up the Ghost (Encore #2)
  20. Paranoid Android

Thom played Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush’ as the intro to ‘Everything In Its Right Place’

Watch Radiohead’s entire performance from Coachella below: