Video: Thom Yorke on Neil Young

Last week there was an unreleased interview of Thom Yorke discussing Neil Young, who is one of Thom’s biggest musical influences.  Thanks to Radiohead Fan Site Citizen Insane for uploading this.  From the video description:

This interview was conducted by Mark Cooper, Creative Head at BBC Music Entertainment, on January 27th 2008 at the BBC TV Centre in London. Sections from this interview were supposed to be used in “Don’t Be Denied”, a documentary on Neil Young. In the end, the footage went complete unused, and only 2 brief excerpts were posted on the BBC website.


Video: Thom Yorke interview on Neil Young

Video: Thom Yorke performing Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush':

  • Ricky

    Yeah that was a great interview. I just downloaded Neil Young’s 1991 live album Weld and I can immediately see it’s influence on Radiohead’s early live sound. I love putting the pieces together like this. 80s REM + Sonic Youth + ________ = 1992 version of Blow Out. Turns out the missing piece was Crazy Horse. Who knew?

  • cooldude

    lots of good Thom quotes in there

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