Radiohead News Roundup – Atoms For Peace album coming soon?

Radiohead played last weekend at the Coachella Festival for the second consecutive weekend in a row.  The band is now on break until the end of May.

This month’s issue of Rolling Stone features Radiohead on the cover and is now out in newsstands, you can buy it now on Amazon.  Over the weekend, and while not performing with Radiohead, Thom Yorke performed ‘Shipwreck’ with Modeselektor at the Coachella Festival.

Video of Thom Yorke and Modeselektor performing ‘Shipwreck’ at Coachella:

New Atoms For Peace album being released soon?

Will that Atoms For Peace album be released soon?  Stanley Donwood posted on his blog today that his ‘Lost Angeles’ art exhibition (which starts on April 28th) is almost ready.

An artist reception is slated for Saturday, April 28, from 8pm to 10pm. “Lost Angeles” will be on display through Saturday, May 26.

The artwork for ‘Lost Angeles’ is very similar to the artwork for ‘The Eraser’ (Thom Yorke’s 2007 solo album) which I posted several months ago.

There’s going to be a DJ Set tomorrow evening (4/26/2012)  in Los Angeles, and it’s listed under ‘Atoms For Peace‘ that Nigel Godrich tweeted about earlier today.

Update – 4/28/2012

It appears that Thom and Nigel played around 5 new tracks this evening.  I’m guessing these are from the Atoms For Peace album, but we’ll have to wait and see.  Thanks to @suprefan for the updates from tonight’s show.

Here are 5 videos all containing new music: (big thanks to @suprefan for uploading these)

Chieftan Mews has updated his twitter background and it now contains ‘Lost Angeles’ artwork:

  • jordasm

    Nigel changed his twitter picture to a piece from Lost Angeles a few hours ago
    Atoms for Peace album incoming?

  • dook fleet naz

    looks like the site got a shout out from pretty cool

  • Phil Selway

    Very nice! I’ve been trying to get Tom (Yoke) to show me these tracks for a while now. Sounds confusing and charming. I’m dancing in my white disco suit underneath my disco light with the youtube volume set to max. Join me


    • Fluffy (aka Bad Mama Jama)

      OMG Phil don’t leave me this way. Now come on down and do what you’ve gotta do. U started this fire down in my ….

      You know you ought to slow down. You been working too hard and that’s a fact. Sit back and relax a while. Take some time to laugh and smile. Lay your heavy load down. So we can stop and kick back.
      It seems we never take the time to do. All the things we want to. I feel for you.

      • Phil Selway

        I’m not sure i’ve been fully able to digest that all. But let me tell you right now, it was certainly tasty.


        • mjd (aka Fluffy)

          Tell Thom to leave me alone. I’m not impressed with his behavior nor the way he has handled himself. If he is assisting my landlord, he’ll be in jail soon. Good deeds are always done in the sunshine, not the way he has behaved. In fact, I consider Thom terrorizing me. I never invited Thom into my life nor listened to RH. I was joking in regards to the disco tracks, Phil.

  • jordasm

    Brilliant. I’m guessing Thom and Nigel have finally finished the album then. Hopefully it’ll be here soon, the fact that they’ve premiered 5 new songs and tied it in with the Lost Angeles artwork, which is more or less the same as that of The Eraser’s must mean something. And they went by “Atoms for Peace” instead of just “Thom Yorke/Nigel Godrich”

    • I feel like a few of these are remixes of the actual tracks on the AFP album, but a couple are probably the original tracks. The main reason being that there’s very little Flea bass noticeable on some of them. Time will tell. Hopefully a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME!! Dying for this album. Keep hanging out in LA Thom!

      • Little Boots

        I’m not sure if remixed is the exact word.I think these tracks are fairly close to how the songs will sound. They may have been modified a tad to make the DJ sets, but just the end, so the transitions would be smooth.
        To me it sounds very similar to The Eraser, I can hear two sets of percussion (drums and percusion) it kind of just seemlike how I would imagine them.

  • Martin, Denmark

    Great news!! Any chance there is footage of thom performing shipwreck live??

    thank you Josh!

  • Andrew Crutchley

    Wow, ive been waiting for this album for a long time, cant wait to hear how it sounds. Thanks for the update Josh! x

  • dook fleet naz

    I just purchased this months rolling stone mag. featuring radiohead. The article mentioned that the atoms for peace album should be ready at any moment.

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