New Radiohead song played in soundcheck last night?

Radiohead performed a possible new song last night at their show in Cuyahoga Falls, OH at the Blossom Music Center during soundcheck.  Listen to it below.

(Thanks Sam)

  • cooldude

    aaahhhhh! They’re playing Bonnaroo on a youtube webcast tonight!

  • martin, denmark

    Ah sorry but I dont think this is a new song at all. It sounds somewhat like identikit and to me it just sounds like they’re doing an alternative soundcheck of the song.

    • Little Boots

      I see where you’re coming from, it really sounds like he’s singing “I don’t want to know” which is a line from Indtekit, however he doesn’t go into the chorus, which in the song should happen next. It reminds me of an Atoms for Peace song like other people are saying mixed with Cut a Hole.

  • lt.Mcgrr

    doesn’t really sound like radiohead,more like an atoms for peace thing. but it does seem odd they soundcheck it on a radiohead gig..

  • Tom

    Am I right that there’s now 5 unreleased songs about:

    Cut A Hole
    Skirting on the surface
    Full Stop
    (This song)

    Maybe they’ll do what they mentioned, go into a studio and put out an EP/(new album)

    • Little Boots

      I think they also played “Come to your Senses” at a soundscheck once on this tour, I might be wrong however.

  • lennon

    to the Sam, the girl who tells everybody to get in line, and the rest who are at every concert: are you guys rich or do you just spend all of your money following radiohead around? (no pun intended)

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