Radiohead live in Toronto Update: Stage Collapses Show Cancelled

Update:  The show has been cancelled.

It is with great regret to have to post about the awful events that took place today around 4:00pm. It appears from the photos that the scaffolding to the bands stage had collapsed and fell 40-60ft onto the main stage. according to multiple sources around the web, 1 person was confirmed dead with 3 others injured and 1 in critical condition. Below are a few photos.

More news on this unfortunate event to come later. If anyone has anything to add please do so in the comments.

Radiohead sent out the following message via Twitter: “Due to unforeseen circumstances tonight’s at Downsview Park tonight has been cancelled. Fans are advised not to make their way to the venue.”

Update # 2 – 6/17/2012

It’s now confirmed Radiohead drum tech Scott Johnson who was 33 years old, was killed during yesterday’s stage collapse in Toronto.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

Radiohead’s Drummer Philip Selway posted the following message on the band’s website: ‘We have all been shattered by the loss of Scott Johnson, our friend and colleague. He was a lovely man, always positive, supportive and funny; a highly skilled and valued member of our great road crew. We will miss him very much. Our thoughts and love are with Scott’s family and all those close to him.’

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  • Chris

    BBC news report on the incident. Tragedy, R.I.P. Scott

  • Kim

    Heartfelt condolences to those involved. I’m deeply saddened by this, what has been such an amazing tour for them. Love to Radiohead and crew. <3

  • Jordasm

    Looking at the pictures, I’m guessing the bands equipment was on stage at the time of the collapse, so it’s probably wrecked. Lighting rig is very likely shattered too. I have a feeling the first couple of EU tour dates will be cancelled, it’s not like RH have any spare stage setups hanging around…

    I reckon RH will release a statement on DAS later, regarding what happened.

  • i dont know,i feel i should say something. i love this band. ive seen them live many many times. most recent was in washington DC. on this tour. i dont care how “hokey” it sounds, radiohead live makes me very happy and they as a band are very important to me. when i had to post the news today on the site, it hurt me.(emotionally) it is my understanding that it was the production companies scaffolding that had collapsed. this is no time to point blame in any direction but i would think live nation productions will be held accountable. maybe. we just dont know enough yet to discern what actually happened. all of this is so hard for me to fathom still. why? why did this have to happen at a radiohead show? greatest live tour going right now and….this? this happens? it seems that safety checks should have been in order and when an awful thing like this happens you have to wonder if those safety measures were carried out? looking at the photos it appears to me that the scaffolding which is owned and operated by live nation productions was not up to the task to holding the weight of radioheads lighting and video rigging. again,im not trying to point finger of blame but i feel very strongly this should be mentioned. also, we should discuss how this will weigh on the rest of the tour? somebody lost their life and i know that dont sit well with thom and the rest of the radiohead camp. anyhow, i needed to spill my guts about this because it is big news and by far the most significant thing that has happened in radioheads career as far as live mishaps goes. i am hurt,sad and angry over what happened in toronto today and as a die hard radiohead fan felt i needed to say something. lets try to send love and positive energy towards the band and all those involved okay?

  • Vincent

    Awful news.. best of luck to all family, friends.. I’m sure the band feel really really bad about this, also It must’ve gone through their minds that the stage could’ve collapsed during the show while they were on. Not sure what the remaining tour dates are for this leg, but I can imagine them not wanting to play for a couple of days after this. However, any show being cancelled really doesn’t matter anymore when something like this happens

  • jordasm

    Shows been cancelled, stage collapsed – 2 injured, 1 seriously injured and 1 dead I think.
    Heart goes out to the guys family/friends.

  • Erich

    The show’s been cancelled. The stage collapsed and killed somebody.

  • Chris


  • Tanner

    First Radiohead show for me! leaving soon, can’t wait!

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