Radiohead live in Korea at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival Setlist and Recap

Radiohead played live at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival today.  This was the band’s first performance in Korea.

  1. Lotus Flower
  2. Bloom
  3. 15 Step
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggio
  5. Kid A
  6. Morning Mr Magpie
  7. The Gloaming
  8. Separator
  9. Pyramid Song
  10. Nude
  11. Identikit
  12. I Might Be Wrong
  13. There There
  14. Karma Police
  15. Myxomatosis
  16. Feral
  17. Idioteque
  18. Give Up The Ghost (Encore #1)
  19. Exit Music (For A Film)
  20. Talk Show Host
  21. National Anthem
  22. Planet Telex
  23. Everything In Its Right Place
  24. Reckoner
  25. Paranoid Android (Encore #2)


Video:  Radiohead performing ‘Idioteque’:

Video: Radiohead performing ‘Paranoid Android’(Thanks to TKOL2 reader ‘musicwaves’ for filming this!):

  • Archie

    There is a little mistake in the setlist – they didn’t play Little by Little. Instead, they played Feral as it shown on the photo of the setlist. Though, I might be wrong, since I passed out at that moment, lol.

    • Archie

      Damn, I meant they played Talk Show Host, not Feral. And yes, I actually heard that song, it was amazing.

    • MusicWaves

      They definitely played both Feral and Talk Show Host. I remember the bass vibrating through my body at the beginning of Feral. I was telling my buddy after the show that I don’t remember them playing Little by Little although they might have.

      • You are correct. There were several reports coming from the show so I think that is where the error came from. Radiohead did not actually play Little by Little during this show and somehow I accidentally left off Talk Show Host.

  • Blueberryfire

    No Radiohead shout-out during the opening ceremonies? Disappointed.

  • MusicWaves

    R.E.M.s The One I Love into Everything In Its Right Place. Extra note: Elvis Costello played before RADIOHEAD and was amazing. Thom gave him a shout out during the show.

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