Video: Radiohead performing The Daily Mail live at Bonnaroo

Here’s an amazing music video of Radiohead performing The Daily Mail at the  Bonnaroo Music Festival.  The video was uploaded today on Watch the video below.


  • eds

    New Atoms for Peace song called Default. Idk where you are Josh, but you’re slacking!

  • George

    There’s a new Atoms for Peace song available on iTunes! it’s called ‘Default’
    The artwork looks a lot like the Lost Angeles piece by Stanley Donwood

  • There was an interview with Lauren from Ultraista posted here:


    ILM: You have three live dates lined up for the end of October in the US too…

    Laura: Yeah, we’ve just sold out our pre-order tickets for the LA show, which was great! Hopefully we’ll play for the rest of the year. UK shows in November. They’re confirmed. Then Paris as well. A few European places too. Maybe do some festivals if the opportunity arises. Perhaps Japan and Australia next year before the Atoms For Peace thing kicks off because both of the guys are in it.


    Looks like there are AFP plans for next year?

  • cas

    Does anyone who comes here actually know Josh, and/ or can anyone confirm that he is ok? There could be many reasons why he hasn’t posted anything lately, there is obviously more to life than Radiohead. I just think this is a bit out of character, and would like to voice my concern considering how much he and others have actually done for us with this site. I still check it every day. Peace to all.

  • Gayvid

    The edits below are intended for Little Boots and were intended to be a reply to his previous comment to me.

    • Little Boots

      Thanks for the corrections, I was in a hurry and couldn’t edit myself. So thank you for taking the time to do so! Firstly you’re very welcome for the information on how to play “Morning Mr. Magpie”. From my cooment I see you finally learner how to use the internet as a resource, good for you :)! I can also see two good things came from this, you learned how to make the sounds in “Morning Mr. Magpie” and you learned basics of the English language! Proud of you :)

  • Gayvid

    Suggested edits, in accordance with the English language:

    1. Add a comma after “Sorry” in paragraph 1.
    2. Add a comma after “First off” in paragraph 1.
    3. The word “you” should be “your” in paragraph 1.
    4. The phrase “as you call them” should be in commas in paragraph 2. This should now read: “The way the’sounds,’ as you call them, are made in…”
    5. Your use of the words “finger” and “tips” are used incorrectly as the English language merges the two into one word. The proper word is “fingertips.”
    6. Add a comma after the word “Overall” in paragraph 3.
    7. One does not need to clarify, as seen in paragraph 3, that the key of F has one flat, as any musician would know that this is always the case.
    8. The word “amountt” should be spelled “amount” in paragraph 3.
    9. The word “note” should be “notes” in parapgrah 3 because note is referring to both 16th and 8th notes.
    10. The word word “using” after the phrase “Ed’s guitar”, in paragraph 3, should be “uses.”
    11. There should be no comma after the word “overdrive” in paragraph 3.
    12. Your use of the words “mid” and “way” are used incorrectly as the English language merges the two into one word. The proper word is “midway.”
    13. The phrase “no overdrive” should read “without overdrive” in paragraph 3.
    14. Add a comma after the word “Remember” in paragraph 3.
    15. The sentence, in paragraph 3, “Finally the drums” is incomplete.
    16. Your use of the word “maybe” is used incorrectly as the English language, in this context, breaks the one word into two. The proper words are “may” and “be.”
    17. The word “maracas” should be “a maraca” since “shaker,” a singular word, was used previous to “maracas.” Or “a shaker” could be changed to “shakers.” Both options would be considered proper English.
    18. Remove the comma after the word “music” in paragraph 4.
    19. Add a comma after the word “please” in paragraph 4.
    20. Please revise the second half of the last sentence as it is impossible for one to “do common sense of the English language.”

    Why don’t you “do common sense of the English language” bro?

  • JohnMirra

    Is Josh still alive?!

  • Tyler

    Hey look, a Jonny Greenwood track that was released weeks ago.

  • Gayvid

    h-e-l-l-o, it is alive

  • Kim

    ACL on October 6 and there’s another video from the show. You would think that would warrant a new post. Helloooooo? (echo)

  • naz

    holla back at us josh..

  • Cas

    Hey Josh, everything ok? Love your site man, and we haven’t heard from you lately.

  • cooldude mr magpie on Austin City Limits!

  • Bear

    No post on the Pitchfork people’s list poll? OKC was ranked 1, Kid A 2, IR 3, Amnesiac 20, and HTTT in the 40s…

  • MusicWaves

    This site has its pulse on anything Radiohead related. I don’t need news. As long as Radiohead keeps making sweet sweet music and touring, I’m a happy camper.

  • naz

    oh how i wish there was more radiohead news. the only news we seem to get is setlists, it sucks being kept in the dark. I think radiohead have gone a bit to secretive. I like the element of surprise would be more interesting to get excited a bit more, other than some bit of news posted once every few months (I’m not talking about this site). Im sorry ppl, im a little frustrated, ill get over it.

    • eds

      I’ve felt that way ever since they released The King of Limbs. They literally released the album and showed up 8 months later to talk about it on The Colbert Report. I understand that they have their own personal lives and were never the pop rock star type… But they just aren’t closely knit with their fans. They have a huge following, but don’t really give back enough to us. It’s too bad too because I love their music so much.

  • Tim

    WHat do you mean by how to make the sound for Good Morning Mr Magpie?

    • Gayvid

      yes you have it all figure out… i mean what i say, but more importintly is how to construct a pyramid song pleese???? how can 1 make the noise to good morning mr. magic pie pleese???? two albums connected as 1 kid amnesiac to manifest as the hail to the king of limbs is wear to find my ansir. pleese txt to understand and try it because that was intention

      • Tim

        Now I understand your conundrum..

        The sound was created by rubbing two eels together over a bath tub of over indulged ants… You can recreate the sound yourself by substituting the eels for guitars and the ants for a couple of pancakes…

        It’s obvious once you know!

        • Gayvid

          this is nonsnse, I try, pls text real ansir to us

          • Little Boots

            Sorry I’m ending this before it goes any further. First off your grammar is absolute garbage and you questions make little to no sense.

            The way the “sounds” as you call them are made in Morning Mr. Magpie, are fairly simply, in fact I’m surprised you can’t figure it out for yourself, even with the internet at your finger tips.

            Overall the song is in 4/4 time and in the key of F (one flat). Thom’s guitar part is made with a tad amountt of overdrive while muting all strings but one and playing a looped guitar pattern using 16th and 8th note (some are dotted). Jonny’s guitar, at least live, has distortion on it while letting the chords ring. Ed’s guitar (yes there are three) using reverb, delay, and probably a phaser, and maybe slight overdrive, to create the atmospheric sound in the bridge and final chorus. Collin’s bass line comes in mid way through the first verse and is very heavy, turn the bass up no overdrive. Remember The King of Limbs focuses on rhythm. Finally the drums. From live performances we can tell that there are obviously two drum sets. One drum set is playing a looped high hat pattern, while the second is playing the bass and snare drum. Also note, there maybe percussion instruments like a shaker or maracas thrown into the mix.

            All it takes to break down music, is ears and sometimes the internet. So please next time do research and common sense of the English language before asking.

  • Gayvid

    I entjoyed boneroo

  • Gayvid

    hi new here and never posted ever but can i ask each indavitually how to make the sound to good mornting mr magic pie? pls text

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