Radiohead News Roundup

XL Recordings Office in Los Angeles being painted with his Lost Angeles artwork.  Picture from Stanley Donwood’s blog.

Here’s an update for all the news over the last couple of days.  Radiohead will resume touring on September 20th in Switzerland.

Radiohead’s Austin City Limits airs October 6th

Austin City Limits released a promotional video for “Morning Mr. Magpie” (Watch the video below) from Radiohead’s performance for the season premier of the Austin City Limits TV Program.  The show airs October 6th on PBS.

Radiohead on Austin City Limits “Morning Mr Magpie” from Austin City Limits on Vimeo.

This is the second video released from their performance on the show.  Back in April ‘ACL’ released a promo video for “Lotus Flower” (You can see the entire setlist for Radiohead’s performance on ‘ACL’ here).


Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack for The Master available September 11th

Jonny Greenwood recently scored the soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson’s film The Master. Paul Thomas Anderson also directed There Will Be Blood, which also featured a soundtrack composed by Jonny. 

The soundtrack will be released on September 11th,  though you can listen to the album (and pre-order it) over at None Such Records, (it’s also available on Amazon).  Listen to “Application 45 Version 1” below.


Atoms For Peace to Tour in 2013?

Will Atoms For Peace be touring in 2013?  They announced their first single yesterday for a song titled “Default”, with an album to follow in 2013.  In an interview with I Like Music Ultraista’s (Nigel Godrich’s new band) Laura Bettinson was asked about touring in the U.S. and said:

“Yeah, we’ve just sold out our pre-order tickets for the LA show, which was great! Hopefully we’ll play for the rest of the year. UK shows in November. They’re confirmed. Then Paris as well. A few European places too. Maybe do some festivals if the opportunity arises. Perhaps Japan and Australia next year before the Atoms For Peace thing kicks off because both of the guys are in it .”

Ultraista recently released their third song titled “Bad Insect”.  Listen to it below.

Atoms For Peace are playing a DJ Set tonight in NYC at Warm Up 2012.


Radiohead’s OK Computer voted #1 album on Pitchfork’s  ‘People’s List’

Radiohead’s OK Computer was voted the #1 album on’s “People’s List”.  The list consists of the Top 200 albums released since the site was started 15 years ago.  Radiohead has 3 albums in the top 10.  Kid A was voted the 2nd best album,  In Rainbows 6th, Amnesiac 20th, and Hail To The Thief took the 40th spot.