Thom Yorke Releases 25 Minutes of Unreleased and Solo Material for Dazed & Confused Magazine

thom yorke dazed Magazone

Thom Yorke has released 25 minutes of previously unreleased and solo material for an interview with Dazed & Confused Magazine.  In the issue Yorke discusses AMOK, working with Atoms For Peace, his life and work, the “Lotus Flower” video and much more.  Pre-order AMOK now at XLRecordingsAmazon, and iTunes.





cycles mk 3  thom yorke

you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry unfinished rmx  atoms for peace

mali:  kono, the sacred birdÃ≈ mali musicians

proud evolution thom yorke 500quid rmx  liars

i don’t need an excuse unfinished thom yorke 

bloom treatments radiohead

morning shiver down the black wood river anstam

give up the ghost thom yorke rmx radiohead

the grind average joe vs unless atoms for peace

Update: Jan 19th

Listen to 2 Atoms For Peace B-Sides “Who Let Em In?” and “Time Was Dropped”

“Who Let Em In?”

“Time Was Dropped”

Update: Jan 20th

2 more Atoms For Peace track have leaked. You can stream “Dropped” (starts around 10 minutes) and “Reverse Running” (Starts around 50 minutes) from AMOK here. UPDATE! The stream has been removed as of Jan 21.