New Radiohead Songs Registered With Publishing Company

Radiohead Sebastian Edge Forest

Earlier this month Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood confirmed that the band would enter the recording studio later this year.  It appears that the band has recently registered a bunch of potential new songs (and some old ones) on ASCAP, The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

Some of the songs registered debuted during The King Of Limbs tour, such as “Cut A Hole”, “Ful Stop”, “Identikit”, and “Skirting On The Surface”.  Other known or previously mentioned songs include “Come To Your Senses” and “Man O War”, which is also known by fans as “Big Boots” and first appeared in the mid 1990’s and is best know for appearing in the 1998 Radiohead documentary Meeting People Is Easy.

Thom Yorke did reveal that “Identikit”, and one other unknown song was recorded at Jack White’s Third Man Records recording studio in Nashville over the Summer during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session last week. Could these 2 tracks be released as single possibly for Record Store Day?

Here’s the full list.  (The # below each title is the Work ID #)


1. All About Rain
# 884918459
2. Alice
# 884918461
3. Come To Your Senses
# 884403607
4. Cut A Hole
# 884403606
5. Do You Believe 
6. Ful Stop
# 884403608
7. God Knows
# 884918460
8. Identikit
# 884402040
9. Inside Of My Head
#  884841050
10. Jamming Session
# 884841477
11. Lock The Door
# 884918448
12. Man O War
# 884841449
13. No Big Sizes
# 884841420
14. Noir
# 884841293
 15. Police
# 884918472
16. Skirting On The Surface
# 884403609
17. Somebody
# 884918465
18. Unknown
# 884918784


UPDATE: It appears #’s 1,2,5,7,11,15,17, and 19 were registered long ago, but are just now showing up on ASCAP’s website. While #13 is a spoof on “No Surprises” (No Big Sizes) by The Shirehorses.

It also appears that some of the older On A Friday (Radiohead’s original name) demos were recently registered though I did not add them to the list.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

“Cut A Hole”


“Skirting On The Surface”

“Ful Stop”

“Man O War” AKA Big Boots

“Come To Your Senses” (Only a 50 second clip, this is the only known recording of this song taken during a soundcheck)