Atoms For Peace Playing a Surprise Gig Tonight at SXSW?


Update 3/13/2013- Atoms For Peace did not perform at SXSW last night.

Are Atoms For Peace playing a secret gig tonight at the SXSW Music Festival?  Rumors are starting pick up that Atoms For Peace will make a surprise appearance at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, TX this evening.

There’s a band set to perform tonight under the name We Are Sad Band, and are listed as a Funk band from “Sadville”, TX.  Their website is listed as   When you search We Are Sad Band on google, no music nor ANY information about them appears to exist.  You can read more speculation about the secret gig over at Operation Every Band.  The SXSW festival is known to have secrets shows, so this is certainly possible and Atoms For Peace members Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich are set to perform in New York on Thursday.  A new Atoms For Peace track titled S.A.D. (B-Side to Judge Jury and Executioner) appeared online yesterday and there’s been some AMOK advertisements spotted in Austin(pic below).  The listing for We Are Sad Band has been removed from the official SXSW website, so we’ll have to wait and see.  The original listing had the group playing at The Main venue in Austin, TX at Midnight.  Keep in mind this is only a rumor at this point.





afp busAtoms For Peace AMOK bus advertisement.  Photo by Instagram user ashleylcarp.

Duologue who were performing at SXSW sent this message out on Twitter earlier in the day.