Atoms For Peace Play Secret Show ‘Club Amok’ in Los Angeles

club amok

Atoms For Peace played a secret show at Club-Cafe Fais Do-Do in Los Angeles this evening.  Tickets were available with the purchase of Amok through select indie record stores in Los Angeles.  This was Atoms For Peace first full band performance in nearly three years, the last being in August of 2010 at the Fuji Rock Festival.

The group played songs from Amok, The Eraser, and some of Thom’s solo work. They also played “Rabbit In Your Headlights”, a song that Thom collaborated on with UNKLE and the unreleased fan favorite “The Present Tense”.  Full setlist and videos posted below.  Atoms For Peace will begin touring next month in Paris.


  1. Default
  2. Unless
  3. The Eraser
  4. The Clock
  5. Black Swan
  6. Ingenue
  7. Dropped
  8. Skip Divided
  9. Atoms For Peace
  10. Stuck Together Pieces
  11. Reverse Running
  12. Harrowdown Hill
  13. Amok
  14. Cymbal Rush
  15. Encore #1 – Before Your Very Eyes
  16. Paperbag Writer
  17. The Hollow Earth
  18. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses
  19. Encore #2 – The Present Tense (Thom solo acoustic)
  20. Rabbit In Your Headlights

“The Present Tense”

“Rabbit In Your Headlights”


“Reverse Running”




“Stuck Together Pieces”


“Before Your Very Eyes”

thom yorke TPTThom Yorke performing “The Present Tense”.  Photo by kidjulian8.