Atoms For Peace release live footage from Club Amok and other news


Atoms For Peace have released two live videos from their Club Amok performance last month in Los Angeles.  Videos for “Default” and “Dropped” were released today on the band’s YouTube channel.


Colin and Jonny Greenwood to co-host BBC 6Music with Adam Buxton

Radiohead’s Colin and Jonny Greenwood will be hosting BBC 6Music with Adam Buxton this Sunday July 7th.  He will be on from 4pm-6pm UK time (10am-noon est).  You can stream the show online here.



Adam Buxton releases more footage from ‘Bug’ containing Radiohead

Comedian Adam Buxton has released more footage from his Bug program containing Radiohead.  During the video he reads comments from Radiohead’s “No Surprises” video (the Radiohead bit starts after the 12 minute mark).