Thom Yorke interviewed by Bond… James Bond



Thom Yorke was recently interviewed by Daniel Craig AKA James Bond for Interview Magazine via Consequence of Sound.  During the interview they cover many topics on Radiohead and Atoms For Peace.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview on the future of Radiohead:

CRAIG: Anyway … [both laugh] With Atoms for Peace, you’ve talked about the idea of moving on, which is an important thing. But Radiohead is still around—and I hope to god they are. Do you have a plan? Or do you just let it all happen?

YORKE: God, I so wish I had a plan. [laughs] The only plan that we’ve had recently was to take a year off, which was something that Ed [O’Brien] wanted to do. Ed wanted to go live somewhere else and switch off.


CRAIG: [laughs] Well, I can’t criticize that. Did the rest of the band manage to step back? Or have they got other things they’re doing while you’re doing Atoms for Peace?

YORKE: They’re all doing bits and bobs. Jonny has his film stuff as usual, which he really enjoys. Phil [Selway] is doing a record. I just can’t ever stop. Even if I stop, I’m very excited about the idea of someone saying to me, “How about you go do something for a few weeks?” Even if it’s only for a couple of days, it’s like, “Yeah, great,” because there’s always this mountain of unfinished chords and ideas and words. It’s always exciting because if everything else is going to shit, I’ve always got that.

And about stealing Jonny from his brothers band:

YORKE: [laughs] I was just sort of geeky and not thinking about that. And with Radiohead, I’d been in other bands and done bits and bobs, but when I first met those guys, they were more serious—especially Jonny [Greenwood], who was younger, but he was this absolute musical child prodigy. He could pick up anything and play it straight off. He was in my brother’s band at the time.

CRAIG: Did you steal him, then?

YORKE: Basically, yeah. [laughs] I don’t think we’ve really settled it yet.

Read the full interview here.