Atoms For Peace live at the Roundhouse in London Night #1 Setlist and Recap

afpsetlistlondonnight1Atoms For Peace London Setlist.  Photo by yocchi123

Atoms For Peace performed tonight at the Roundhouse tonight in London.  This is the first of three consecutive shows at the London Roundhouse.


  1. Before Your Very Eyes…
  2. Default
  3. The Clock
  4. Ingenue
  5. Stuck Together Pieces
  6. Unless
  7. And It Rained All Night
  8. Harrowdown Hill
  9. Dropped
  10. Cymbal Rush
  11. The Hollow Earth (Encore #1)
  12. Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses
  13. Rabbit In Your Headlights
  14. Amok
  15. Atoms For Peace (Encore #2)
  16. Black Swan


Atoms For Peace will perform again tomorrow night at the London Roundhouse.