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Adam Buxton hosting Radiohead ‘BUG’ show in Belfast and other news » The King of Limbs Part 2

Adam Buxton hosting Radiohead ‘BUG’ show in Belfast and other news


Adam Buxton returns with Radiohead BUG Special

Adam Buxton is hosting another Radiohead BUG show in the U.K.  The show will be held on October 29th in Belfast at the Odyssey Pavilion.  The press release for the show:

Adam Buxton returns to Belfast with a special BUG show focusing on Radiohead, one of the greatest rock bands, and greatest innovators in music video and audio-visual arts.

This unique show will see the band’s amazing music video output celebrated on the big screen – their greatest videos, their collaborations with directors such as such as Jonathan Glazer, Grant Gee, Shynola, Garth Jennings – and BUG’s very own Adam Buxton – and also rareties, seldom seen on the big screen, or indeed any screen.

Don’t miss what promises to be a very special night of extraordinary sound and vision, and much more fun besides.

Tickets are available through wegottickets.com and seetickets.com.

Jonny and Colin Greenwood at Adam Buxton's Radiohead BUG Special.

Jonny and Colin Greenwood at Adam Buxton’s Radiohead BUG Special.

Colin Greenwood performs Solo during Paris Fashion Week

Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood performed this week at the Dries van Noten runway show in Paris.  Watch him perform in the videos below. In the second video you can hear him playing “My Iron Lung”.


Stanley Donwood discusses the stories behind Radiohead’s album covers

In a recent interview with NME Stanley Donwood, who has done all of Radiohead’s album artwork since 1995’s The Bends discuses the artwork for each album.  He also did the artwork for Thom Yorke’s solo album The Eraser, and Atoms For Peace debut album AMOK.

Donwood on OK Computer and The King of Limbs:

OK Computer (1997)
Donwood describes the relationship he has with the band as “harmonious.” He starts working with them very early on in the recording process and develops the artwork over most of the time it takes for the record to be made. At the time of ‘OK Computer’ Yorke spoke about how important the artwork is to the music. “If I’m shown some kind of visual representation of the music, only then do I feel confident. Up until that point, I’m a bit of a whirlwind”. Aiming for a colour scheme of “bleached bone”, the artist tried out a new technique. “We did ‘OK Computer’ on a computer with a tablet and a light pen. We had this rule when we couldn’t erase anything. It was great,” he says. “I’m trying to write another book and I’m going to do that on a type writer because then I can’t delete it.”

The King of Limbs (2011)
The artwork for The King Of Limbs totally changed from the original idea. Donwood was originally going to paint each member of Radiohead. “I said, ‘We’ve never had your portraits on the record’ so I thought I’d do portraits in oil in the style of Gerhard Richter’s blurred photo-realistic work. The problem was I’d never painted with oils before and I’m not Gerhard Richter so it was just a series of painted disasters”. When he went into the studio to hear an early draft of the album, it made him think of forests so he painted over the Richter portraits with colourful trees. Will we ever see the portraits? “They aren’t worth X-raying “he says. And which member is behind the main cover? He doesn’t remember. Perhaps we’ll see portraits of the band on the next record.

Read the full interview here.