Radiohead News Roundup for September 2014

Radiohead's New Twitter Profile Pic

Radiohead’s New Twitter Profile Pic – Sept 2014

– Sorry for the recent lack of updates.  My dog was sick and had surgery (he’s better now :) ) and I was busy with other things.  I hope to be back to making updates again on a regular basis as we wait for LP9.


Phillip Selway announces second solo album

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway has announced his second solo album, Weatherhouse with a release date of October 7th, 2014.  He recently released a video for “It Will End In Tears” watch it below.  You can order the album direct from Philip’s website.

Tracklist for Weatherhouse:

  1. Coming Up For Air
  2. Around Again
  3. Let It Go
  4. Miles Away
  5. Ghosts
  6. It Will End In Tears
  7. Don’t Go Now
  8. Drawn To The Light
  9. Waiting For A Sign
  10. Turning The Inside Out

weatherhouse selway

Music video for “It Will End In Tears”:


Radiohead’s music app PolyFauna updated with new music and artwork

Radiohead recently have updated their new app PolyFauna with new music and artwork.  Listen to the new music below.


Thom Yorke tweets mysterious album and song lyrics

Thom Yorke has been making some interesting posts on Twitter and Tumblr.  The most interesting being that of a mysterious white album (see pic below) and earlier today the lyrics to “A Wolf At The Door”.  The band are currently in the recording studio as Thom said on Twitter: “Stanley & me going thru15years of discarded words & pictures..!while overdubs happen in Radiohead studio.2nd day only”


white album thom

Mysterious white album.