Burn The Witch Lyrics

“Burn The Witch”. This song dates back to around the time Hail To The Thief came out.

Four fragments that would appear in later lyrics of the song (“AVOID EYE CONTACT”, “CHEER AT THE GALLOWS”, “ROUND UP”, “BURN THE WITCH”) can be seen in the lower left side of this artwork from the Hail To The Thief booklet:

This Painting is from 2002.


Since 2004, the menu of the Scrapbook section of radiohead.com, called ‘Diet of Worms’, was made up from an early draft of lyrics for ‘Burn The Witch’. The fragments from the Hail To The Thief artwork are all included here, so maybe this text is from 2002 and the artwork from the L.A. sessions shows excerpts from it:

Thom mentions that he would have finished the lyrics to ‘Burn The Witch’ in this post from Dead Air Space:

‘Burn The Witch’ was one of the titles seen on the first of two blackboards, a picture of which was posted on september 30th 2005 on Dead Air Space. The photo shows a list of songs Radiohead had been working on during the two weeks of rehearsals from september 19th to 30th:

‘Burn The Witch’ was one of the songs on the Tour blackboard, an image of which was posted on Dead Air Space on march 8th 2006, shortly after the rehearsals for the tour had begun. However, it was not played on any of the 2006 shows. Click on photo to enlarge.


On February 4th 2007 Thom posted some of the lyrics from ‘Burn the Witch’ on DAS. They look like a condensed version of what was seen in the ‘Diet of Worms’ page:


Here are 2 very short MP3 clips of the beginning of Burn The Witch. I think this song will show up if part of this album includes an orchestra.
Burn The Witch by http://www.thekingoflimbs
Burn The Witch 2 by http://www.thekingoflimbs