The King of Fail

Over the past few days, these are some of the fake/ parody stuff going around the web that I have received. I just wanted to share these with everyone for a good laugh.


1. Could this be an alternate album cover or the album cover to Part 2?


2. At the beginning of the song Separator if you listen close enough you can voice talking. Someone tried passing this off as the audio file. I thought the voice sounded slightly like Roger Waters, could he be trolling us??



3. I think someone on At Ease created this, notice the image in the background from The King Of Limbs says Part 2 on it.



4. Fake Part 2 album cover. The “Queen Of Diamonds”, was added to some artwork thought to be connected to the album.



5. This just gave me a laugh, so I thought I would add it here. Remember “Pop Is Dead”?



6. Here is a parody of The Smiths ‘The Queen Is Dead’ for ‘The King Of Limbs’.



7.  Chieftan Mews meets Dr Who…


8. The entire conspiracy revealed in one picture. The Wall Of Ice, Arbor and Spyky, The King Of Limbs, The Band, Semi Moon or Half Moon, Aporia, Chieftan Mews, additional album artwork, and yes Sliced Ham.



9. /mu/’s Guide to TKOL Disc 2.

10. There were “only” 8 songs on “The King Of Limbs”…



12. Spongebob inspired album cover.



13. Jesse Ventura is even trying to figure this thing out…



14. Radiohead fan speaks out on The King Of Limbs.


15. This video is titled “Lotus Dick”

16. Benny Hill meets Lotus Flower

17. This video is titled Surfin’ Yorke (Lotus Flower dance)