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March » 2011 » The King of Limbs Part 2
All articles from: March, 2011

Chieftan Mews Q&A

In typical Mews fashion he actually gives the answer first, then the question.  I reversed them to make them easier to read and follow.   Chieftan Mews newest Twitter picture is titled ims_menoo.jpg #1 Question from @Justin_Krim: Do you have all the answeres @ChieftanMews? if so, is Duke Nukem Forever ever going to come out? […]

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Chieftan Mews update… Twitter Q&A tomorrow, March 32nd

Chieftan Mews has recently updated his Twitter profile.  He has updated his location to #TheUniversalSigh, and he now follows Radiohead as well.  He updated his picture and added a web address (http://www.theuniversalsigh.com/) also. His new Twitter picture is titled “morningbellsounds_wakingformore__reasonably_small.jpg”. Anyone want to make a prediction when he will return?  I am guessing something might […]

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The King Of Limbs is available worldwide today!

The physical edition of The King Of Limbs is finally available today.  You can order it on Amazon.com here, or pick it up at your local music store.  You can also pick up The Universal Sigh at select location today in the U.S. and Canada.  Please send in your photos of you buying the album […]

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New artwork from The King Of Limbs

Some new artwork appeared today in The Guardian, which is a major newspaper in the UK. In this photo:  Calling Rocks. Photograph: Zachariah Wildwood & Donald Twain     In this photo: Permian Beast. Photograph: Zachariah Wildwood & Donald Twain You can read the original story here.  The Guardian also mentioned www.thekingoflimbspart2.com in an article, […]

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Thom Yorke hands out The Universal Sigh, and new music!

In this picture is Thom Yorke standing outside of Rough Trade Records in London handing out The Universal Sigh.  Notice the sign in front of him reads, “It’s What Keeps Me Alive”?   It also looks as if Radiohead will release 2 new songs for Record Store Day.  Radiohead will be releasing a two track […]

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