Radiohead released their 8th studio album The King Of Limbs on February 18th, 2011.  Below are links to all of their live performances after the album was released.


Glastonbury 2011 – June 24th, 2011   Watch it here

From The Basement  – July 1st, 2011 ( recorded sometime in June, exact dates unknown)  Watch it here

Saturday Night Live (Season Premier)  – September 24th, 2011  Watch it here

The Colbert Report   – September 26th, 2011  Watch it here

Roseland Ballroom (New York City)   – September 28th, 2011   Watch it here

Roseland Ballroom (New York City)   – September 29th, 2011  Watch it here

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  – October 3rd, 2011  Watch it here




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  • Ex-Radiohead fan

    Have same problem with my order with WASTE and they haven’t replied to both my emails. The arrogance of Radiohead sometimes astounds me.

  • aljc

    I have emailed them a number of times and each time they promise to send it. Have asked for tracking reference so I know when it has been sent, but none given. Where can I find the fax number?

  • aljc

    W.A.S.T.E. is a scam, I paid but still have not received my TKOL album I ordered back in February. No response by email whatsoever

    • I had an issue with one of my orders and they never emailed me back. Have you tried emailing them again or faxing them? I think those are the 2 ways you can contact them.

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