All articles from: Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs 6 months later

This Monday (August 15, 2011) will mark exactly 6 months since Radiohead announced The King Of Limbs.  With the return of Chieftan Mews on Twitter I thought we should take a look back at some of his first messages.  (Click to enlarge) What does everyone think of these messages? Greyfriars Bobby and Hachico were dogs […]

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Interesting Tweet from Chieftan Mews – Lost Angeles


Chieftan Mew just sent out a Tweet today around 12:20PM EST: @ChieftanMews “@StanleyDonwood I see you have finally cut “Lost Angeles”. Are you going to toss that into the Ziggurat too? I feel guilt when I go jogging.”   Interesting that he mentions Stanley’s Lost Angeles project.   Speaking of Stanley Donwood, he updated his […]

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