All articles from: Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Radiohead ‘Feral’ lyrics revealed

The lyrics from Radiohead’s track ‘Feral’ have surfaced. The lyrics are printed inside of the Japanese booklet for The King Of Limbs.  Here is a high resolution scan.  Click on the image to enlarge.   きみはぼくのものじゃないし ぼくはきみのものじゃない それでいいんだ ひはんしないでくれ TRANSLATED “You are not mine. And I am not yours. And that’s okay. Please don’t judge […]

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More photos of The King Of Limbs Newspaper Album

Here are some additional photos from The King Of Limbs Newspaper Album. Click on the images to enlarge.                 Big thanks to@iamlooby form Mortegi Tempo for the photos   Chieftan Mews has also updated his Twitter bio and it now reads: “ims menoo, my buck. No Mews Is […]

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The King Of Limbs Newspaper Album is here! (photos)

The Newspaper Album for The King Of Limbs was not supposed to have been shipped until Monday May 9th, though some people have started receiving them today!  Here are some photos of the Newspaper Album:     Source   More photos are available here!       Follow me on Twitter here.   I have […]

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