All articles from: Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

We are getting close…

Chieftan Mews has been quite active on Facebook and now he is back on Twitter.  He has updated (inverted the colors) his profile picture.  The picture is still saved as: imsmenoo In this photo you can see that the familiar green color has been replace with pink in Mews picture. He has also been quite […]

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The King Of Limbs covered

So, I have been wanting to put together some of the best covers from The King Of Limbs album.  I have been unable to find any covers of “Bloom” and “Feral”.  There are so many great covers out there, I will probably end up with 2-3 covers per song.  What does everyone think of this […]

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Chieftan Mews is back!

So, if you read my last post about the deadline registration on The Universal Sigh Japan site it looks as if something will happen soon.  And just a few hours after that Chieftan Mews returned.  He has been accepting friend requests on Facebook, and look at the photo below! It reads: “Super Collider and The […]

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