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April » 2011 » The King of Limbs Part 2
All articles from: April, 2011

Radiohead webcast coming soon?

It looks as if Chieftan Mews has been active the past couple of days sending messages and adding friend requests.  In a few of his most recent messages he has mentioned a webcast. His message reads: “Leave me be! I’m only using this vice to stalk an agent who is not getting back to me […]

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The King Of Limbs Newspaper Album upgrade is now available

If you purchased only the digital version of The King Of Limbs (from the official site) you can now upgrade to the Newspaper Album.  The following email was sent out today to those that only purchased the digital version.  It also appears as if there a limited supply of the 12” single of  Supercollider/ The […]

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Supercollider and The Butcher 12″ vinyl available on W.A.S.T.E. on June 14th

Radiohead’s new 12″ vinyl single featuring Supercollider and The Butcher will be available in North America on June 14th, though today on the band’s website it has been updated today and will also be available online in the W.A.S.T.E. Store on this date.   Link   Supercollider by http://www.thekingoflimbs The Butcher by http://www.thekingoflimbs   I have […]

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Philip Selway playing live in Liverpool and other news

Radiohead’s Philip Selway will be playing live at Liverpool Sound City on Saturday, May 21 · 10:00pm – 11:00pm.  For more information be sure to check out his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.   There was also more speculation added yesterday when the band announced that Supercollider and The Butcher could be downloaded […]

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Supercollider and The Butcher available as a free download on The King Of Limbs website!!

You can now download high quality MP3’s of Supercollider and The Butcher on the official The King Of Limbs website if you have already purchased the album.  Follow this link: http://www.thekingoflimbs.com/OrderTracking/MemberIndex.php   So, as long as you purchased The King Of Limbs album before 3:30pm (GMT) Monday 18th April you can download the songs for […]

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