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08 » March » 2011 » The King of Limbs Part 2
All articles from: Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Could something happen tomorrow?

There is a post on Facebook by Steven Ellison, he is also know as the artist Flying Lotus. Flying Lotus has toured with and collaborated with Thom Yorke as recent as last year. You will see in the post below on his Facebook page that he says:  “THOMORROW..Yes. Thomorrow. bwahhahahaaaaa”  One would think this would […]

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Chieftan Mews Tweets!!

At around 3:05pm EST Chieftan Mews sent out the following tweet  “Hello. You cannot see the wood for the forest? Aha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ro5H0mDBfE ␄” Not sure what this means.  The title of the video is “This is Jinsy – Melody Lane – Types Of Wood”   Notice how he leaves “EOT” at the end of most […]

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Greyfriars Bobby…

Remember Chieftan Mews Tweet back on Feb 17th?  It read “私 はそれらに日本語を教えた. See my prowess below. ALAS, I will visit Greyfriars Bobby instead of Hachiko BUT whenever I want to. Bite. Bite. Dog. BBBARk”.  For some reason this was over looked, he is saying he is going to visit Greyfriars Bobby.  Greyfriars Bobby  was a […]

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Radiohead Tweet…

At around 10:30am EST Radiohead sent a message out on Twitter for Jonny Greenwood’s involvement on the Norwegian Wood Soundtrack.  It read, “Jonny’s soundtrack for Norwegian Wood is out now http://www.nonesuch.com/albums/norwegian-wood-soundtrack”. I have my twitter account set up so, I receive a duplicate copy of Radiohead’s Twitter messages as a text message on my cell […]

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