All articles from: Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Lend a helping hand?

I am trying to see if a couple of you will help me with typing out the text that is in the newspaper(the universal sigh)?  I am going to type the first 3 pages, and I have found someone to type the 4th page.  I am trying to discuss the artwork as well.  Not everyone […]

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The Universal Sigh has arrived..

Here is a photo of The Universal Sigh in Melbourne, Australia! Here it is in her hands(Muggs)! Photo taken by Behzad at Polyester Records in Melbourne.  Notice this one reads “Tree Climbing For Adults”? Also from Behzad. Also from Behzad. This is also from Australia.  Notice it says “I See Zombies”?   This will be […]

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