All articles from: Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Chieftan Mews Q&A

In typical Mews fashion he actually gives the answer first, then the question.  I reversed them to make them easier to read and follow.   Chieftan Mews newest Twitter picture is titled ims_menoo.jpg #1 Question from @Justin_Krim: Do you have all the answeres @ChieftanMews? if so, is Duke Nukem Forever ever going to come out? […]

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Chieftan Mews update… Twitter Q&A tomorrow, March 32nd

Chieftan Mews has recently updated his Twitter profile.  He has updated his location to #TheUniversalSigh, and he now follows Radiohead as well.  He updated his picture and added a web address ( also. His new Twitter picture is titled “morningbellsounds_wakingformore__reasonably_small.jpg”. Anyone want to make a prediction when he will return?  I am guessing something might […]

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